Company Punishment #1 – NUWEST

16 Sep

F/2f; year: 1997; time: 28 minutes

More spanking at the job; two girls sit on a bench in the empty NuWest studio; they have agreed to accept a spanking and demotion in lieu of termination on their job. ‘Vanna’  enters, the company disciplinarian. The tilted spanking box sits in the center of the room. Vanna looks more official and imperious in this film–sophisticated dress, heels, hair ribbons, and confident stride.

Short brunette ‘Mona’  bends over the box first, without hesitation. Vanna directs the second girl, ‘Jasmine,’ to raise Mona’s skirt, and pull down her pantyhose and thong. She also fastens Mona’s wrists to the front legs of the box and a strap across the back of her knees–NuWest likes the sound of rattling chains.

Vanna begins with the martinet–various shots from the rear, overhead, oblique. Little moans. Vanna shifts to a larger strap, hoping for better effect.

It is now Jasmine’s turn to get over the box. She is a trim and nifty little blonde with a braided ponytail, short skirt, and white heels. Both girls are dressed as if they came off lunch hour in the office for this discipline. Mona takes down her garments and fastens her in. A trim little bottom here. Same flogging and strapping. Very nice.

Back to work, girls.

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