Resolved by CP #6 – RAVENHILL

16 Sep

M/f; time: 39 Minutes

Another sub rosa CP comedy;  producer Tierre Ainese narrates. The announcer echoes: “Real cases…real girls…real spankings.”

Redhead ‘Lisa,’ a plausible non-professional maybe in her 30’s, has been siphoning cash from her boyfriend/partner. Small Claims Court will allow Raven Hill to settle the claim. Lisa consents to be spanked on film. Producer Richard Lewis goes off-site this time, away from the Institute, greeting a startled Lisa at her apartment with his film crew.

Procedures are explained. Lisa looks nervous and accepts, in what might be a Rhode Island accent. There is the obligatory interview, which increases the anticipation of the opening round. Lisa was spanked in school for smoking, a belt on her shorts. She thought this Raven Hill thing was a joke until the doorbell rang, but admits, “This is the easiest way.”

Lewis explains–5 minutes OTK, 5 minutes with wood paddle, 25 with the cane. Contract signed, she giggles nervously.

The OTK phase begins–it is always bare-bottom, and Lisa does the removal–this is part of the surrender and humiliation. She is one of the best-looking girls we have seen in the series, high praise in itself. Each film in this series used a different time-measuring device–here, the clock is an icon on the screen, and early TV quiz show device. We liked the timers best where the girl has to stare at the moving mechanism while her bottom is elevated and the spanking proceeds ever so slowly. This 5-minute realtime segment is repeated for full effect.

Lewis has to go to the car for his paddle and cane–we are not at the Institute and he couldn’t have walked in the door with them. “OK, get your pants down. Get right over there [her chair].” A frying-pan sized paddle, this first view of the 5-minutes is of her face, then repeated with a roving camera.

The third phase is with the cane, which Lewis shows her with the intent of tormenting her. She bends over the table and must count out the 25 strokes herself. Lewis is having a fine time. At the conclusion, “I see a lot of nice red welts on this bottom.” He loves to turn a girl’s buttocks to the bright lights and illustrate his artistry. Facials,Tears.

Tierre interviews the unhappy Lisa and we sign off. “What was the worst part?” “The cane.”

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