The Whipping Tree – NUWEST FCV-117

16 Sep

M/f; time: 22 minutes

Whipping segments at the tree in what must have been Ed Lee’s back yard, a scene found occasionally in the ‘FBW’ series. Some tears have dampened the dust.

The first session features ‘Rosa of Guadalajuara,’  a visitor to the halls of NuWest who appeared in an FBW episode. Lee ties her to the tree in the eerie nightlight. He has her acknowledge for the film that this whipping can do some damage, that she is 22 years old, etc. He cuts her dress with his pocket knife and rips it off, and tears down her pantyhose, a process he probably coveted as much as the whipping itself. Rose is now naked.

A large martinet first; her pale body shines as she writhes in the indirect light. A good, satisfying whipping, full frontals and facials with Lee whipping in the background, and a nice struggle with the discarded pantyhose at her ankles.

A brief second segment, the redhead actress identified as ‘Catherine D’lish’ tied to the tree, already naked but for heels. A female does the whipping, drawing some blood on her back and buttocks, in a more brightly lit scene. Ms. D’lish was a former ‘Miss Exotic World’ winner and a Las Vegas star.

The third part:  another girl is being strung up by a female. Screen script informs us this couple came from Rome for the wife to take this whipping, but that Ed Lee has bad vibes about the way she is behaving during the preparations.

A spreader bar is attached to her ankles, the camera is focussed. Lee cuts her panties ands shirt off. She is whimpering even before the whipping and pisses on the ground. [train noises] He decides not to proceed and they cut the film.




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