College Classics #8 – CALSTAR

17 Sep

2M/3f; time: 58 minutes

A simple schoolgirl tale filmed in one classroom, a storyline made up as they went along, but featuring 3 lovely plausible late teenagers, the legendary ‘Ivor Gold,’ and one of the best smarmy ageplay guys from the ROUE tradition.

Ivor is a headmaster running a detention. The perv-like ‘Mr. Hill’ is a visitor from the school’s ‘board of governors,’  is invited to witness the detention and assist in the punishments of the naughty and disrespectful girls, three recalcitrants.” We wonder how many times that word occurs in adult filmdom.

The girls fidget in school desks and will be called forward and spanked one at a time. ‘Rifkind’ (played by the lights-out Mel Penny), is first, a tall striking long-haired blonde, with a powerful figure. After a little argument, Ivor urges her OTK. Little skirt up, regulation blue school knickers on a glorious plush female bottom, garter belt. The second British schoolgirl snickers at Rifkind’s plight. even though she knows her knickers are next. Pants down, lovely, A lot of banter. The third student, American has the temerity to object to this form of treatment.

Ivor’s spanking is moderate; afterward, Rifkind puts her face to the wall, pants down. Governor Hill wants more effective spanking. Brunette Clarke is next; vivacious and chatty–even as she goes OTK  she laughs and mugs for the camera. She kicks her legs when Ivor spanks, knickers quickly down; Hill pins her flailing legs between his and holds her steady–bet that felt nice.

And now American ‘Hurd,’ a shorter girl with short blond hair. The school has clearance from her parents–British-style CP  authorized. Skirt up, very tidy white panties. also pulled down. Clarke, cornered and bare, keeps watching and laughing, What should be done to get that girl’s attention?

The three bare bottoms lined up, time for the next phase. Statuesque Rifkind over a table, pants at her knees,; Hill takes over, with a small leather strap he extracts from his breast pocket, semper paratus. He is more aggressive. In a gratuitous moment, Hurd and Clarke turn to face us, flashing their pubic charms. The director prompted them somehow. Clark has a nice luxuriant thatch but Hurd is shaved almost clean. The girls giggle, and Clarke frolics and pulls up Hurd’s skirt to ensure we see. There is a zoom and hold closeup of her Brazilian, an unusually erotic interlude in this otherwise conventional CP format.

Clark is strapped next and Hill gets to handle her bare bottom. She is still giggling and gawking. He has her sit on a plastic chair, making sure her skin touches the seat, an erotic little touch added by these tush admirers.

Hurd is now called out. “I don’t think so. I don’t deserve this.” Ivor helps to hold her down over the table. “You’re a dirty old man,” she cries, quite accurately. She kicks up her legs with their  white knee socks-cute. Clarke keeps mugging.

Hill picks up the tawse and shows its tails to the girls. Clarke will be first this time, over the table again. “It hurts,” she says. “Of course it hurts. It’s supposed to hurt,” intones Hill, using a line he didn’t have to memorize. For some reason, this concludes this actress’ performance. She pulls up her knickers and leaves, but not without a final smirky smile.

Ivor now flourishes the cane. Rifkind touches toes and takes 10 moderately hard snaps from his experienced wrist. He makes the cute Hurd come around front and sit close to her bottom to watch the action. Rifkind wiggles too much, so it’s hands-on-the-chair, she is to count out and thank for 12 more. Noticeable welts. Both men examine her bottom closely.

And last, it is the American Hurd’s turn for the English Deterrent. “Are you ready?” “No,” answers smartypants. “It’s going to happen anyway.” Hurd protests: “I don’t want to be an English girl.” Now would not be the time to make such a declaration. Over the table she goes, Ivor fastidiously works down her panties to her ankles, Hill holds her wrists. She takes a dozen snappies. “I’m going to give you twelve more, count them and thank me.” For the first time we recall in all our files, a hapless actress/canee actually undercounts. Hurd misses #4 and so takes 13.

The girls are sent off;  the men are quite satisfied.

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