Ingratitude – REDSTRIPE

17 Sep

MF/2f; time: 36 minutes

Vintage REDSTRIPE, and affiliated with GASLIGHT, primitive production values, but on a theme we have always found titillating. We remember a piece of JANUS fiction from maybe 30 years ago where an older gentleman had an understanding with his wife that he could spank the household female staff in his study on evening appointments. Nervous young maids, more or less indentured to the household, knock on his door, etc. Broken plates and spilled food are dealt with in the evenng with the Master.

Two young girls, assigned to the household from the girls’ reformatory, wearing full Victorian school garb and boaters, arrive at ‘Bainbridge,’ are given their room, clothes, and invited to dinner. After dinner they are ordered to Lord Bainbridge’s study, where we viewers expect their indoctrination will begin.

The girls, ‘Sophie Maynard’ and ‘Eleanor Briggs,’ snoop around the study, which is in fact the fully fixtured classroom set used in many REDSTRIPE films. The girls find the authorizing letter from the Reformatory granting Bainbridge the discretions he will quickly take.

The girls are caught rummaging. Lady Edith Bainbridge joins, lines up the girls, they lift their skirts, and she opens eir bloomers to expose bare bottoms. Their protestations are perfunctory, the idea being that even this humiliation is better than what would happen at the Reformatory.

“I’m the master of this house,” says Lord John. Sophie and Eleanor are spanked OTK, on the bare skin of their buttocks peeking out through the folds of their Victorian clothes. We detect a wry smile on Lady Edith’s face. She is enjoying this and the effect she knows it is having on her husband. “I think it is time for the hairbrush.” It is a huge one which could produce some howling, but John  is mild. Sophie keeps smirking, either because she can’t deal with the bad acting or because the spanking level hasn’t affected her yet. John: “Your every reaction I’m making note of, young lady.” Such syntax is only found In British spanking films.

The girls are sent to bed, where they check and coddle each other’s bottoms. It’s John’s favorite night, Tuesday. He’s had his aphrodisiac and he and Edith head off to bed. Sophie and Eleanor hear noises, smacking sounds, and eavesdrop at the master bedroom. Edith catches them–back to the study for more punishment.

The girls have stripped to bodice and bloomers and in that costume they are both strapped, much harder. John to Eleanor: “Drop your bloomers. Now!” “I can’t.” So Edith drags them down.

In a choppy edit unlike RedStripe, the girls’ caning has begun, except Lord and Lady are now fully dressed. Twelve strokes for Eleanor on the bare and then to Sophie, “Now it’s your turn!” Lady Edith takes some pleasure in getting her bloomers open for 12 strokes, holding Sophie’s hands with undisguised lust after the first 7 strokes.

The girls are sent off. REDSTRIPE  should have taken just 2 seconds to how the Lord and Lady headed off too.

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