Maid’s Revenge – MOONGLOW

17 Sep

2MF/3f; year: 2002; time: 59 minutes

Spanking below stairs; a lot of spanking in the limited setting of an upper crust English household. Spanking film star Tom Cooper plays ‘Carruthers’ a senior butler, with full discretion over the lives and bodies of the young female staff working with him. The film opens with a “wretched little scullery maid” kneeling on a chair, skirt thrown up, being crisply spanked by Carruthers. Andy, a junior butler, sits nearby, polishing silver, enjoying this squirming bottom.

Carruthers shifts to a cane and lays 20 strokes on the girl’s black knickers.

In another part of the Manor, the actress Dublin O’Brien plays another maid. Her appearance sets the heart beating faster. The floozy-type Madame of the manse (‘Brigella’)  has corralled her–“You wretched girl.” She phones Carruthers (this estate has an internal phone system) to come and get her. “Take her out of my sight and give her a severe beating.” Carruthers had turned the brunette scullery maid over to junior man Andy, who gets these sweet crumbs and lays on 20 cane strokes of his own. Bottoms in distress all over the place.

The beautiful blond Dublin is dragged to this below-stairs spanking scene for her dose. Over a chair, Carruthers is quick to get her white knickers down. Again we salute the marvelous Ms. O’Brien as she presents her special profile. Carruthers and Andy alternate handspanking Dublin, who is courageous and experienced submissive. Carruthers shows her the cane. “Where am I going to put this?” “Across my backside, sir,” Two canes, the men alternate. About 50 strokes, then 6 to conclude, much harder. Carruthers is aggressive. Andy is a softy. Dublin twitches her way through it.

Dublin returns to the madame, purportedly to show the results on her bottom, but she produces a letter from the madame’s lover. “If you want it back, you’ll get the same from me.” Back downstairs, the butlers are chased out. “Bend over, please, my Lady.” Black panties down, the slightly scrawny madame is dynamic from this angle.

“You deserve this, you know how you deserve this.” A long handspanking,  lots of rapid fire Irish chatter. The butlers peek in with glee. She spanks and rubs. Madame’s jewels on display. Dublin: “I’m enjoying this, my Lady.”

Dublin wooshes the cane, then lays on 15 strokes, and with another cane, fully 45 strokes more, the intensity increasing. There is some out-of-character discussion about low strokes, missing the fat of the buttocks. Dublin jumps and leans into her strokes with undisguised enthusiasm, getting to be the domme for a change n her career. At the conclusion she hands over the letter, telling the bulters it was from the madame’s lover.

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