Girls Boarding School – More Collected

18 Sep

‘Cold ,Dark ,Painful’ (M/f; 6 minutes): We were attracted to this brief caning episode because of GBS’  skill in humiliation .A mulatto-skinned girl is waiting for Headmaster Tom, already on her back, legs in the air, in the diaper position. Without dialogue, Tom enters, pulls her black panties down (actually up, in this posture) and lays on at least 35 hard strokes with his cane.

Camera angles of her buttocks, face, overhead, and several oblique views, providing plenty of opportunity for repeat shots. She keeps silent except for grunts of pain. White lines on her dark skin. Her fingers convulsively grasp the towel she lies on, on the edge of the table.

She must remain “in this position all night.”

‘Hands Up’ (M/f;  6 minutes): Fascinating brunette ‘Kathrin’ can look so sad as her spanking looms. Tom makes her hold the heavy tawse strap on her palms at arms’ length. She wears a yellow T-shirt and jeans.

Tom straps her jeans very hard–Kathrin grimaces with the best of them. “Drop your trousers and knickers,” this done just to increase our visual entertainment. He will save her bottom for another time. “This was a warning, just a warning.,”

‘Just the Belt’ (M/f; 6 minutes): Another shorty for ‘Kathrin,’  which opens with her in the shower, a leisurely full-body scene for those of us who enjoy this prelude. Tom has received her speeding tickets, orders her out of the shower, and wants her, “in two minutes, naked in bed, for punishment with the belt.”

She covers with a towel, goes to her bedroom, and lies naked on the bed, for a wait until Tom arrives. Like it is supposed to be here at GBS, her bottom is red already. Face in a pillow, she waits.

Tom arrives and the belting begins, hard and fast. Facials, a good idea with this actress, Into the diaper position, very sexy, Tom goes after her lower bottom and thighs, rapid fire. She is left whimpering in the fetal position.

‘Lottie Smoking at the River’ (M/f; 10 minutes):Blondish ‘Lottie Kinsade (early in her CP film career)  is led through the brush into a clearing by one of the male disciplinarians at GBS. He has caught her smoking, and he is going to punish her here in the bright sunlight. GBS can deal with the exterior noises better than most of the CP companies.

Lottie must grasp the crossbar of a pipe frame. the guy pin up her skirt to expose full white panties. He leaves her there in this humiliating position while he goes for some implements. It would have been fun to hear the mumurings of some passersby, but GBS chose not to add this.

The guy returns, begins a hard strapping on her panties, then pulls them down, and continues. Lottie takes her medicine. He begins with a cane, sharp wrist snaps. Lottie hangs tight to the bar.

After a closeup of the marks, Lottie pulls up her panties, makes her apologies, and is released.

Lottie and the laptop’ (M/f; time: 13 minutes) Lottie Kinsade has borrowed a laptop  from the office and is caught on her bed with it. This is a first day at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL, so she hasn’t been ‘welcomed’ yet, we assume. She is sent to the wall, nightshirt up, spanking on panties to start. Panties down, lovely closeup. Strap marks. The male uses a rugbeater, while Lottie is in the frisk position. Lovely facials. “Later,” Lottie is kneeling and rubbing when the guy returns. He is not finished.

‘Michaela’ (M/f; time: 23 minutes) A long film for GBS; a GBS staffer directs her to take her clothes off, but she doesn’t do it. She is paddled on her skirt first, then on white panties. Large scorpion tattoo on her left buttocks.

The GBS staffer pulls her panties down to expose traditional realistic circular paddle bruises.

After a FADE, facials show running mascara. Touch toes for the cane; more realistic marks–red and white lines horizontally over the paddle bruises.

‘One Per Day’ (M/f; 7 minutes): Cute little brunette ‘Kathrin’ has reached the GBS one-per-day spanking routine, to keep her bottom pink per school policy. She is bent over a glass table, her pants are gone, just that yellow T-shirt.

She must recite over and over” Physical punishment will keep me in line.” Today’s dose is the paddle. She will write this line and receive a crack of the paddle as each line is completed.

Bottom full-screen, loud crack, full swings from the paddle, fully pinkish/red. She is left to complete 100 more lines in 20 minutes, or else, what?

Back in the corner, naked, hands-on-head, red bottom, very nice. He gives her pen and paper to write repetitive lines against the wall for the next two hours.

‘Right Times’ (M/f; 6 minutes) Blond ‘Louise’ has been left on a bed; lying over a stack of pillows, positioned for a spanking, her jeans still on, for a wait of one hour. She is going to be spanked because she won’t tell Headmaster Tom why she was seen downtown at night.

He begins to strap her very hard. When it is time for the jeans to come down, they are tight enough she must loosen them. Tom pulls them down–she is heavily bruised in a pastiche of color that brought the phrase ‘Canadian sunset’ to mind.

One advantage of course to filming a spanking with jeans and panties on is that it disguises previous marks.

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