Reformatory For Sinners – GASLIGHTPRODUCTIONS

19 Sep

F/2f; year: 2001; time: 46 minutes

Dour matrons! A woman reads scripture at a desk setting similar to the Headmaster series at Rigid East/Lupus. Two new girls are brought to her at the reformatory. Blond ‘Tori’ and brunette ‘Nell’ are charged with sufficient moral offenses that it appears that nothing that  might happen to them in this reformatory which will be a surprise to them.

The girls are taken to their room, procedures explained, rules read, jewelry collected. The girls change into pinafore-like uniform dresses to a Gothic music soundtrack; why didn’t the director use this moment to take them to total nudity?

The girls pray and sit for soup and bread with the Matron, then hide bread and table wine when they are left alone–one of the actionable rules they learned earlier. The next morning they are awakened by a loud bell–the girls look snug and comfortable in their beds and nightclothes–no hairshirts or burlap in this place. They arrive late and disheveled at morning services. The spanking offenses are mounting.

Nell and Tori are taken for their first punishment==noisy and inattentive at church. They kneel on a bench–skirts up. The Matron separates their drawers in search of bare skin. They recite scripture while Matron straps them, alternately, moderately hard.

Back to the dorm, the girls bathe each other naked and are caught by Matron–naked bathing prohibited. More punishment. Nell is spanked on her nightgown, then birched on the bare on the bench. Nell gets the same. Tepid stuff, but sexy girls and effective rustling of period clothing. The girls console each other partially naked on the bed, best part of the show so far.

The girls sneak the food and wine they filtched. We’re hoping one of these offenses will turn the spankings up a few notches. They are under the blankets with a dildo-shaped loaf of bread. Matron arrives! She wears a sort of tool belt, with keys and a spanking strap. Both girls face down, bare tushes, on their beds. Ceiling camera. The dildo is found. “Down to the study, both of you…the devil is still deep in your loins.”

Nightdresses off, they kneel naked facing each other, frontal glimpses; they are belted crushed together with a leather belt, a traditional sexy B&D posture for young ladies who can’t get enough of each other. The Matron straps their bottoms, but ineffectually, failing to capitalize on this alluring display of available skin.

Scene fade: the girls have positioned a giant clunky Gothic-looking whipping horse, too big to be moved during the filming. A clever producer would have had his carpenter just copy the competition. The girls lean on each end to be caned, about 25 strokes each, with repeats, and again, mild stuff with no bite. Because they can’t hold position, the Matron adds a half-dozen more, to no effect.

The girls go to bed, silly sobbing. We’d be sobbing too, but this film was not expensive to watch.

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