Discipline School – MOONGLOW

23 Sep

M/2f; time: 20 minutes

Conventional schoolgirl spankings; excerpted from a larger film; Ivor Gold plays a headmaster for a brief set-to with students ‘Jennifer’ and ‘June,’ who have reported to his office. They get right to it.

Curly-haired light brunette June is first to go OTK, skirt up, blue knickers, which come down quickly–she raises her hips to assist without instruction. Closeup of a lovely bottom shows bruises from another occasion. Handspanking.

Jennifer, a buoyant blond pony-tailed young lady, goes over next. HM picks lint off her panties. “Stop picking at my bottom.” He has her stand to lower her panties herself.

June bends over a chair for a mild teasing on her knickers and then on the bare. She pulls her own pants down and the HM fondle probably a little longer than he should. She goes to the wall, bottom facing us.

Jennifer next for the tawse. “You still feeling cheeky/”

The HM  gets out his cane and the girls see it and become quiet. June, hands flat on the chair again, “You will count these.” Six sold strokes on the bare.

Both girls at the wall, the HM spanks Jennifer while her hands are flat on the wall, a pose we like. “You are extremely lucky I  don’t smack you here [her thighs].”

Jennifer’s turn comes for the cane. Hands-on-chair, she counts out almost 20 strokes on her bare tush. They hurt–she grunts and grabs between strokes. “Oh, shit….sorry.” She earns two extras for grabbing and cursing. One stroke is very low, in fact on the thighs, causing her to jump, and demonstrating again that these CP  actresses have in fact toughened up in the most important places.

This little academic interlude concludes with two bottoms displayed for comparison.



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