Two Punished Blondes – NUWEST NWV-266

23 Sep

MF/2f; year: 1998; time: 28 minutes

Straightforward whupping from NU-WEST, for  blondes ‘Heidi’ and ‘Marty’ have offended producer Ed Lee and wait their fate in the tile-walled studio. Lee and partner Julia Jameson enter, cocktails in hand. “You two brats….pull your skirts up, your pants down, and lie side by side on the bed.”

The girls move without hesitation–just a smidgen of protest would have been sexy here. Both girls’ bottoms are already thoroughly marked. With a short lash, Lee whips each bottom, moving from one side of the bed to the other. Julia takes over, and as we have seen elsewhere, she is the most severe disciplinarian, and the girls react to it.

The girls reverse positions–faces to the front of the bed, giving the whippers a different angle on the buttocks and providing facials for us.

The girls are told to get up, face the camera, and remove all their clothes, exposing two huge untouched pubic thatches, an unusual sight. Heidi is  a trim short-haired blonde, thin to the point of bony; and Marty is the more buxom. Both girls are well-equipped for what we are here for. They kneel on the bed in a prostrate posture, which of course does marvelous things for the buttocks. “Butts up!” Lee and Julia flog them both. Julia gets screams.

More demonic positioning. The naked girls lie on top of each other, embracing, the top girl getting the whipping, and then roll-over, bottoms switched.

Individually, the girls lie across of end of the bed over a bolster pillow, while the other girl whips her. Of course, Heidi doesn’t lash hard enough, so Lee makes her dance to six from him, before she tries again on Marty.

Moving along, both girls kneel erect on the bed. Lee uses his dogwhip and can catch both bottoms with some strokes. Heidi has begun to shake and lose composure. Julia continues to be amused by the whole thing as she sips and watches between turns.

The session will end with each girl for the dogwhip, 20 counted by  Marty from Lee, then 25 counted by Heidi from Julia, and Heidi looks like she might not make It through the session.

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