Credit Limit part 1 – STINGINTHETAIL

24 Sep

M/f; year: 2007; time: 23 minutes

Another young lady can’t pay her credit card bills and so will pay some of the balance and debt service the British way. A normal looking brunette, ‘Christina,’ not a polished CP  actress, argues with her aunt. Her ‘uncle,’ the cartoonis’h character we have described before as a cross between a mad scientist, a George Washington portrait, and someone who might live under a bridge, intercedes, scolding Christina and reminding her a spanking was threatened the last time this happened.

Uncle gets his implements and takes her OTK on the couch, skirt up, white panties. She doesn’t react. He removes one of her shoes for some slippering and bunches her panties. Casual conversation ensues as he spanks. She stands to remove her own panties, a nice touch. More OTK for a leather sole. Uncle traps her kicking legs between his, showing us more of Christina.

Christina changes positions and lies over a stack of pillows, bottom soaring, for the cane. About 8 strokes first; Christina arches her bottom on request; auntie holds her wrists.

After this first round, she rises and removes the rest of her clothes. Hands-on-mantelpiece, a colorful ninety-dgree bend, bottom beautifully placed, boobs hang, another half-dozen with the cane, much harder. She is left in this naughty British position to think. That should do it, at least until the bills come next month, which is probably what ‘part one’  refers to.

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