Katie’s Punishment Spanking – NUWEST NWV-243

24 Sep

M/f; year: 1997; time: 28 minutes NWV-243

Actress ‘Katie’  bottoms-up  for the entire film; NuWest made a nunbver of these ‘punishment spanking’  films with their most popular actresses, none more enjoyable than little blonde Katie here. The ritual over-the-knee affair is filmed from several vantage points as Ed Lee did in this era.

Katie wears a black skirt, blouse, and heels. After the first phase of handspanking on  her skirt, she stands, raises her skirt, adjusts her slip, resumes position, and softly asks Ed to spank a little lower, please. Slip up, spanking on a panty girdle. Next, Lee works the tight panty girdle down, “Oh, my God,”  mutters Katie. She kicks and asks Ed to stop and rub her a little; both are out of breath from this spanking. Ed tells her: “We’re almost through, the bare ass part is next.”

Next, he rucks down her panty hose to expose her bare skin. “Is this the last part?” We can’t tell if Katie is suffering or just confused with the stage directions. The first facials of consequence occur here.

This dance is repeated in entirety  from an overhead camera, a rear-view camera, and a full-front view. When Katie gets up, she stumbles a bit, dizzy from having her head so low. Lee hugs her and she flashes us some pussy.

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