24 Sep

’Caught Red Handed’ (MF/f; time: 20 minutes) Two girls move around the prison setting in civvies. One girl raids the snack bar while the other acts as lookout.

Of course they are caught, by male and female guards. One girl, wearing a slinky yellow knit dress, is spanked on a spanking bench, which just happens to be there. The guards handspank, strap, and then use a lethal huge Spencer paddle. The girl buckles under the smacks. Somehow the second culprit avoids punishment.

I Want to Go Home’ (MF/f; time: 15 minutes) Three girls are being marched along the wonderful tile corridors and put in cells by a stern matron. A male arrives and pulls one girl out of her cell. The matron takes up a spectator position.

The male supervisor will spank the girl in the corridor. Is the matron watching to ensure the male doesn’t take liberties or because she gets a thrill from watching the spanking? The prisoner is spanked in various positions. Paddling. Standing for a cane. The matron reaches to grab her ponytail to hold her still. Tears after she returns to her cell.

‘Lucy’s Day Release’ (F/f; time: 18 minutes) A prisoner, supposed to be cleaning, is caught sleeping. The  matron will spank her by straddling her as she kneels on the floor. Skirt off, black undies.

Various spanking positions. Diaper position, bend-over, legs spread. Mild caning, all rather simple. Back to work, bare bottom.

Double Trouble’ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) Four girls are playing pool in this rec room scene at the reformatory. A matron drags one girl away to a punishment room, where she kneels on a spanking bench. The tawse on white panties and then on the bare. Another matron joins with a cane.

Now It’s Your Turn’ (F/f; time: 17 minutes) A matron takes a pretty blonde to the punishment room. The matron wants her jeans down, but they are so tight only the girl can do it. She kneels on a bench, white panties down. She is spanked naked.

In a new scene, a second matron strings her up naked, with a spreader bar, for a leather paddle.

Request Denied‘ (MF/2f; time: 16 minutes) British spanking;  a nice job of portraying a prison–the walls, bars, institutional feel you can smell. The scene is shot in this narrow space. Two ‘prisoners,’  a blonde and a brunette, complain they want exercise in the sunlight. The male and female guards will see to the ‘exercise’ part, right on the spot.

The female guard cuffs the brunette to bars, the male straps her on the jeans, then lowers them to continue on shiny pink satin panties, before he pulls them down. She is released, buy sasses the guards, so she is strapped again, bare skin.

The blonde is brought in, but punished probably in a sequel. More on this website when we find it.

‘No Shared Showers’ (F/2f; time: 21 minutes) The dour matron finds two girls in the shower room, in just white camisoles and panties. They missed their lock-down in their cells in this relaxed borstal. They are in the process of putting lotion  on each other’s bottom,

Everyone has a a thick  English accent, surely Glasgow.  They matron wears a leather cap, high-0collar blouse, and is always carrying a strap. Girls together in showers is another violation. “I don’t like the look of this, girls.”

First, she wants their panties off and washed in the sink. She will begin the spanking. One girl sits on a padded bench, the other lies across her lap, and the matron reaches down to smack her bare bottom, first by hand and then with a paddle. The girls switch. This is not hard stuff yet, but the film is young.

She will now move to the cane. “Who wants to go first?” The girls take turns kneeling, on the padded bench. They get about 24 each on the bare, hard enough to curtail any chatter and produce some tears. Excellent production values. Facials of both girls, and use of a judiciously placed wall mirror.

‘A Late Arrival’ {F/f) The prison matron catches a girl coming in late and loading up on food she finds lying around, The girl must have privileges. We are in the same tile walled prison set.

The matron gives her a spanking before she is allowed to go to her quarters. Bare bottom paddling, over the back of a cbair. Nothing more.

‘Prison punishment‘ (F/2f; time: 12 minutes) Our title. Two  girls in blue gym uniforms are  being spanked by a matron in one of the tile rooms used throughout this series. One girl is made to hold the other while the paddling goes on. There is some giggling among the actresses. Tbe paddling occurs over a cell bed. The matron shows the girls the Spencer strap. “Remember this one?”

Each girl takes 10 strokes, not the best camera work. One girl is held in the diaper position by the other, so this is not completely institutional punishment. There is some giggling on the set. The girls are sent to their cells without pants.

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