24 Sep

Time: 45 minutes

Paddling episodes, RealSpanking style; sexy, normal-looking girls take licks form various disciplinarians in short segments, mostly collected from other films.

‘Donna’ (April 2004; 10 minutes): Webmaster Michael Masterson interviews Donna, a tall dark blonde. They discuss  school paddling. We have always enjoyed these scenes where a fully-dressed girl sits facing us, in full discussion full-screen, then gets up and takes a spanking.

Donna stands, and hands-on-chair, takes six strokes on the jeans. She asks Michael to “paddle low,” She drops her jeans and panties to display the results. There is some residual evidence of a strapping she has had in the past.

She sits in a chair, bare bottom, flashing some puss, and autographs the paddle, which turns out to have cracked. Is there a museum somewhere which displays these artifacts?

‘Kathy’ (February 2004; 10 minutes); A nervous and giddy brunette discusses school paddling with Masterson, in the same interview format.

She bends over for her six strokes on her jeans; the spanking is filmed split screen–face and bottom, giving us more of a rise than anticipated. Kathy cries immediately–tears, Pants down–bruises.

‘Amy’ (December 2003; 8 minutes): An RSI staff actress; normal, conventional ponytailed brunette, all the more fun to contemplate getting paddled. After the brief prologue, 3 strokes on her jeans, a painful sit-down, then 3 in the ‘frisk’  position, where Masterson again splits one of his decidedly thin paddles;  grab-ankles for three more, which Amy admits are the worst.

She was spanked earlier in the day. Pants down, bruises, closeups. Long day for Amy.

‘Kim’ (August 2004; 8 minutes): Nervous frosted blonde fidgets during her interview. 10  swats on her jeans; she checks her bottom herself; then pants up, bend-over, another set. She sits gingerly and bravely.

‘Kailee’ (August 2004; 10 minutes): the tall pageboy brunette actress, takes “10 swats.” An RSI regular, she was spanked four days ago and twice more today. We assume, when the girls show up at the studios, RSI pieces together several scenarios at once.

After more paddling and positions, she shows the bare results; a very assured young lady, is Ms. Kailee. She also autographs.

‘Clair; (May 2005; 9 minutes): Dee does the interview, and we know, actually spanks harder than Masterson. 10 strokes on her jeans, she drops her pants to show us. She also has had another studio session today. Split camera views, Clair is the only actress who takes the paddle on bare skin in this film. Angry bruises, unhappy face, some intimate views.

‘Lori’ (August 2003; 7 minutes): Heavyset brunette gets the same treatment, another paddling split, ready for kindling.


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