24 Sep

Paddling episodes, RealSpanking style; sexy, normal-looking girls, the models playing parts as girls sentenced to time at the Real Spanking Institute,  take licks from various disciplinarians in formulaic short segments, some  collected from other films. They are volunteers. RSN makes the point that this series is a tribute to the declining practice of corporal punishment in U.S, schools.

Anne‘ (M/f; year: 2017; time: 11 minutes) A very recent film from RSN, this review in January 2018. Blond pigtailed Anne sits at a school desk, while Michael explains at length this ‘school swats’ episode and the use of a paddle in school history.

Anne stands and drops her jeans to show the results of a recent RSN handspanking. Then she stands, bends over the desk, and receives 10 strokes from a huge thin paddle, so thin that after 5 strokes it cracks and a second model has to be employed.

Anne struggles bravely (we will see tears in the ‘alternate view’ angle.) At one point she claims, “I don’t know if I like this,”  a remark which amuses Michael when he concludes the interview. When she drops her jeans and panties to show the bruises, Masterson is quite satisfied. She autographs the paddle, “8-17-17.’

Bailey‘ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) By film count, one of RSN’s most popular models. She sits waiting for the session in leopard print top and jeans. She holds a paddle and has asked for this school spanking.

Coach Daniels comes on the set, has her bend over, and proceeds to paddle her on her jeans. She puts up such a fuss we turned the volume down. “Stay in position. I don’t want to injure your tailbone.” At the conclusion, Bailey pulls down her jeans to display unmistakable paddle bruises. She autographs a souvenir paddle.

Donna‘ (April 2004; 10 minutes): Webmaster Michael Masterson interviews Donna, a tall dark blonde. They discuss  school paddling. We have always enjoyed these scenes where a fully-dressed girl sits facing us, in full discussion full-screen, then gets up and takes a spanking.

Donna stands, and hands-on-chair, takes six strokes on the jeans. She asks Michael to “paddle low,” She drops her jeans and panties to display the results. There is some residual evidence of a strapping she has had in the past.

She sits in a chair, bare bottom, flashing some puss, and autographs the paddle, which turns out to have cracked. Is there a muaseum somewhere which displays these artifacts?

Elizabeth Burns‘ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Mistress Dee is thrilled to introduce celebrity ‘Elizabeth Burns,’ who has agreed to make an episode in the ‘School Strokes’  or ‘Swats’ format. She was never caned in school, only paddled, so this caning will be a tribute to the bygone tradition.

“You’ve already been spanked 3 times today.” “Yes, I’m very warmed up.” “I’m going to have you pull down your pants and panties to show us the before-bottom.” She does so, there’s that tramp stamp, a rare bit of puss.

Coach Daniels is called onto the set, eliciting a little smirk from Elizabeth, and then a very intimate little facial greeting to him. He will give her 10 strokes of the cane on her jeans. When she demurs, he offers an alternative of 5 on jeans, 5 on the bare.

She bends over the chair. The first stroke takes her breath away. “That must have been a good one,” observes Daniels. Elizabeth grunts, gasps, and sniffles through the 10.

She sits for the post-interview, wiping tears from her eyes. She shows her bottom again, more fully red now, with some cane stripes still visible. Those jeans helped.

‘Ella’ (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Ella is a diminutive brunette. She sits with the official paddle as Masterson interviews her. Her bottom is still warm from the last shoot; she has never had the paddle (she says). Her nervous laughter enhances the action.

Before we begin, as required, she drops her pants and panties to show her bottom. “Holy crap,” says Masterson, when he sees her massive and varied bruises. He will have to be careful. Ella puts on her COVID mask, and  Masterson steps into the shot with his mask on.
He paddles her on her jeans, the action filmed bottom view and side view.

Ella sits giggling nervously at the end. Masterson notes her “glassy eyes.” She displays her bare bottom again. Round paddle bruises have beem added. She sits tenderly on a wood stool and signs the paddle.

‘Gina’ (M/ f: time: 8 minutes) Brunette Gina sits in the classroom. She wears a sleeveless T-shirt and jeans and holds the school paddle. “What do you think of the paddle?” “Pretty impressive.” It is the big fraternity model. She is going to get this session on her first day because she has been so impressive so far, but Masterson will leave her jeans on because “your butt is a little broken up.”

After 4 minutes of discussion on paddling in American society—Gina giggles nervously through it, Masterson has her bend over for the paddle. He rocks her on her jeans. The segment repeated bottom and face, as usual. She sits gingerly on a stool for some post spanking discussion, then signs the official SWATS paddle.

Isobel‘ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) A graphic explains: “Our tribute to corporal punishment in the U.S.”
Elizabeth Burns explains the proceed to chunky frosted blond Isobel, who seems a little nervous. Burns, looking very hot here herself, gives Isobel the standard paddling on her jeans. Isobel shows mild bruises and signs the paddle.

Kathy‘ (February 2004; 10 minutes); A nervous and giddy brunette discusses school paddling with Masterson, in the same interview format.

She bends over for her six strokes on her jeans; the spanking is filmed split screen–face and bottom, giving us more of a rise than anticipated. Kathy cries immediately–tears, Pants down–bruises.

Kim‘ (August 2004; 8 minutes): Nervous frosted blonde fidgets during her interview. 10  swats on her jeans; she checks her bottom herself; then pants up, bend-over, another set. She sits gingerly and bravely.

Kailee‘ (August 2004; 10 minutes): the tall pageboy brunette actress, takes “10 swats.” An RSI regular, she was spanked four days ago and twice more today. We assume, when the girls show up at the studios, RSI pieces together several scenarios at once.

After more paddling and positions, she shows the bare results; a very assured young lady, is Ms. Kailee. She also autographs.

Claire’; (May 2005; 9 minutes): Dee does the interview, and we know, actually spanks harder than Masterson. 10 strokes on her jeans, she drops her pants to show us. She also has had another studio session today. Split camera views, Clair is the only actress who takes the paddle on bare skin in this film. Angry bruises, unhappy face, some intimate views.

‘Lori‘ (August 2003; 7 minutes): Heavyset brunette gets the same treatment, another paddling split, ready for kindling.

Michelle‘ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) A small redhead, with a lot under her blouse, has school swats explained to her by an off-camera Miss Dee. Lower your jeans and panties please..put your elbows on the desk. A faceless and silent ‘Russ’ comes on-set and delivers 10 with a thick wood paddle. After 4 or 5, Michelle is gasping and quivering. She sits for interview–being bare would have worked in school,very cute.

Tonya‘ (year: 2006; time: 6 minutes) Masterson interviews brunette Tonya, who has volunteered to see what this is like. She holds a cane. Masterson observes that the paddle is the normal symbolic school implement.

“Drop your pants and panties for a ‘before’ look.” Tonya shows her bottom. This is her first day at RSN and she has already been spanked twice, so she is a nice shade of red.

Hands on a chair, Masterson begins caning Tonya on her jeans. After two strokes, she asks to stop. Masterson looks at her bottom again and identifies “tramlines” over the red hue. A side view of this brief caning shows immediate tears.

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