College Classics #9 – CALSTAR

25 Sep

F/3f; time: 49  minutes

Schoolgirls in trouble. Two goofy girls rifle a school closet, put on Brownie uniforms, and are seen going door-to-door in the neighborhood, cadging money. (One door is opened by actor/producer ‘Michael Dawes,’ who gives the Brownie 5 pds. We hoped he would pull her inside,) This film was once called ‘School Brownies,’ but it is easy to see how the Girl Scouts might not have liked the association. The headmistress receives complaints from the area and catches the girls in costume with wads of money. “Report to my study, immediately!”

In a plausible office/study setting (except maybe the clothes tree festooned with spanking implements), the girls are scolded and their excuses are feeble. The Head positions a decorative Victorian chair and we are ready to go.

The Headmistress herself is a tall, stately, sophisticated blonde in the domme tradition for this era of film, where there was always the possibility that her boss could grab and spank her also. She takes the first girl OTK, a smaller frosted brunette in ponytails. Spanking first on the Brownie skirt before she stands to take it off, displaying white panties. After a moderate handspanking, certainly no cakewalk, she bends over the desk for a long-handled stiffened leather paddle. “Stick that bottom out, out!” The Head takes the knickers down, with a touch of satisfaction. Good crisp paddling.

The second student, a very tall and powerful-looking brunette, looming 6″ taller than the Head, and called ‘Lahnfrench’  later in the film, is taken OTK, but first she drops her Brownie shorts. She is tall enough that both her hands and feet touch the ground when she is over the Head’s lap, and her perfect bottom soars on the Head’s lap like  a large Spring bouquet. In spite of the large target and the amount of work to be done, the spanking is brief and mild. There follows a brief session with the paddle over the desk. The first student sits on a chair bare-bottom to the side, forced to watch the carnage up close.

For some reason we couldn’t detect, they return to the OTK position, camera view over the Head’s shoulder, Lahnfrench’s pants come down slowly. The Head fondles this big, lovely, perfect target. Back over the desk for the paddle again! The small brunette has been mouthing off from her chair, so she finds her bottom over the desk again.

Both girls are ordered to pull off their Brownie sweatshirts; Lahnfrench has sneaked her thong back in place, so it must come off. She stands mostly naked, facing us. The small brunette is caned on the palms, her fuzzy Mohawk fully in view while her palm occupies the screen. Somehow, she whispers ad lib, “No more!” loud enough for the Head to play on it. “No more? Bend over, you’re getting it on the bare bottom.” 25 cane strokes, moderately hard snappy shots with a long thin cane, are shown from various angles. Wheals and welts develop.

Lahnfrench is next for the cane, but first she must toss away her non-regulation  push-up  black bra. She pops out of position laughing nervously at the first stroke over the desk, apparently surprised at how much it hurt, then regains control and apologizes to the film crew and gets back over the desk. The Head laughs and checks with the director to see if it is OK to continue after this break, then she completes 12 strokes. Good facials and boobs hanging, Lahnfrench is finished with her session and runs off-screen naked, showing us everything. The choppiness of her session probably indicates she wasn’t so  easy to spank.

FADE to a new story. ‘Karen,’  a tall brunette, is drinking Biccardi rum from the bottle and gorging on junk food. The Brownie-spanking Headmistress has left school and drives home (an actual outdoor scene). She finds the messy kitchen, and Karen drunk, in her shorty nightgown. Karen is a relative or the daughter of a friend staying with the Head.

The Head is upset and she has had a “busy day.” We know that, but she must muster the strength to spank yet another young lady’s bottom before she herself can turn to the rum. Karen is soon OTK and getting a thorough and hard handspanking.

“I think we’re going to have a bare bottom.” She takes Karen’s shorts down. “I think I’m going to be sick,” Karen mutters. She twitches her very red bare tush full screen, very nice. There can be no doubt this headmistress relishes the task of peeling down knickers.

Karen must lean over the sink. The scene setup is shot from the garden outside. English cottage windows. The Head fetches her ‘slipper,’ and roughly strips off the rest of Karen’s clothes–her nightie top and bra. She gets a hard slippering, her head down and cries echoing in the sink bowl. At the conclusion, the Head yanks her around to face the camera fully naked, a nicely grown up young lady.

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