Merry Christmas, Mr. Peters – XEROTICS

25 Sep

M/4f; time: 48 minutes

School teacher and a parade of bottoms; here would be an example of a guy having just about as much fun as it would be possible to have. Mr. Peters runs some sort of school or home, where he has charge of gorgeous girls. The film opens with Christmas music and graphics, and is set in a holiday-decorated residence, already a fiscal extravagance infrequent in spanking films.

The girls report to Peters, dressed in innocent nighties. Dynamic cast- Dublin O’Brien, Elizabeth Simpson, Kara Jayne Dempsey,  and a fourth Despite the gaiety of the scene, they are glum and withdrawn, apparently expecting what we are hoping will happen. Peters lectures them–“a new year, a new start, new rules.” They avert their eyes. He shows them gifts they may open Christmas morning, then leaves them. They cluster quickly around the gifts, a glamorous shorty pajama party of bare shoulders, long legs, and bare feet.

Peters returns, sees the gifts have been tampered with, and since “I have full authority from your guardians,” he decides this will be a festive Christmas Eve. He will decorate a few bottoms. He begins a long CP  session with all four girls.

‘Sutton.’ with long waist-length blond hair, is taken OTK, her red nightie thrown up and her white panties taken down immediately. She does not protest–both seem familiar with each other and the spanking procedure. The other three girls watch a mild spanking, before Sutton is directed to pull off her nightie and stand naked against the wall. ‘Parker’ (actress Dublin O’Brien) is called out next, hands-on-couch, T-shirt up, black pants down. A mild handspanking while standing. Peters is displeased with her tattoos.

Peters orders the two remaining girls still dressed to drop their pants while they wait, showing some vintage fuzz. There are spanking implements all over the room, tucked here and there, Earlier in the punishment sequence than we are accustomed to, Peters will cane Parker. She gets 10 strokes.

The remaining two girls are brought forward, pants at their ankles, hands-on-couch, cute bare feet. A  red paddle first for ‘Simpson’ (brunette actress Elizabeth Simpson), the same for a cunning little blonde in pigtails–“legs apart, on your tiptoes,” Then the cane for this pair–5 for Pigtails, 8 for Simpson, then 5 more for the blonde.

Sutton, who is standing by totally naked but for white athletic socks, returns, over the couch. “Legs wide apart,” for 10 with the cane. She wears white socks as well as one can, and with this video, we add just-white-socks to our favorite naked spanking costumes. Parker back to the couch–you know these girls are experienced because she raises her T-shirt to clear her bottom without prompting–the tawse and the paddle.

Peters lines up the bare bottoms along the couch and alternates along the rows with a paddle; very cute scene. Slow camera pan of mass pink skin. The girls hang together and won’t tell him who opened the gifts. The cameo-like filming of the four naked girls milling around on the set was very erotic for us.

Peters announces the girls will draw straws for further punishment. Naked Sutton is taken to the couch for 10 fast cane strokes, then the same for Parker and Simpson.

Simpson is the first girl to take the diaper position on the floor. She gets paddled, very sexy. Sutton is on her back next. She is so light and nifty, Peters can hold her legs up with one  hand while he paddles with the other. The pigtailed Walker is taken next. She forgot to take off her wedding ring for the shoot. Hope she gets a jolly good rogeuring when she gets home and shows her pink bottom. (“How was your day, honey?”) Peters joyfully proclaims: “Christmas with Mr. Peters!”

Parker (Ms. O’Brien) has been in this situation lots of times. She throws her legs over her head onto the couch. Four wonderful bottoms, all over the place! Festivities conclude.

About four minutes of out-takes are included, flubbed lines, etc. The naked girls are relaxed of course, except Dublin keeps tugging her jersey down to cover her modesty as she moves from place to place.

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