Nasty Nurses – NUWEST FD-216

25 Sep

2F/m; year: 1998; time: 26 minutes

Ed Lee on the receiving end, to put it kindly; Lee is bent over a hospital gurney, his shorty nightgown open, his ass on display–forgive us, his bony ass. Actresses ‘Joanne’  and ‘Karen’ circle him, wearing detailed nurse’s uniforms, very erotic. They smack his ass and keep on scolding.

Lee is sent to kneel in the corner while the girls sit and chat about their next move. Lee returns to the table, and this time the girls use straps. This is fatiguing work, the girls are hot, so they strip off their uniforms and seem to have forgotten underwear today. Two statuesque nude women with bikini tans will keep your attention clicking from one to the other.

Karen climbs up, lies on the table, spreads her legs, and positions herself for an oral job from Lee, while Joanne lubes his anus and goes to work with a dildo. In a bit, the girls switch. Joanne spreads her knees for servicing while Karen re-lubes and goes one step further with a strap-on dildo, a realistic tool, not a Halloween monster. She fucks him hard, as he moans and redoubles his attentions to Joanne.

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