Sent Down-The Return of Miss Parker – REDSTRIPE

25 Sep

F/2f; year: 1998; time: 30 minutes

Conventional schoolgirl fare. Actresses ‘Kara-Jayne and ‘Therese’ play two marginally plausible schoolgirls facing a female supervisor, played by a young ‘Miss Parker.’ When Parker sees Jayne  and Natalie, she sends them home to put on schoolgirl attire. We weren’t clear from the dialogue–maybe the girls were naughty graduates just hanging around. In any case, they are going to pay the price, and you’ve got to have the correct knickers.

They return, wearing the scholastic clothing, creating immediate erotic tension. Brunette Natalie (Therese) goes OTK first, must count out 20 handspanks, then with pants down, 20 more. She bruises immediately, it is blond Jane’s (Kara-Jayne) turn next. She was thoughtful enough (for us) to wear “non-regulation” white pants. She gets sets of 20, with a rapid little coda.

Natalie has been standing at the wall and gets a flurry of smacks for letting her skirt drop. Natalie goes over the desk for a series with the strap on the bare–same for Jane.

Miss Parker lines up the bare bottoms to determine how her equity program is going.

Natalie back over the desk for the cane. Miss Parker is one of those rare enthusiasts who can cane with both hands. Jane follows, each girl gets twelve with good rubbing and closeup scenes.

A FADE to a new caning scene, superfluous, if there is such a possibility. Both girls bend-overs for a half-dozen. At the conclusion, Miss Parker shows them a very heavy cane which will be employed on their next visit.

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