Whacked at Work – MOONGLOW

25 Sep

M/2f; time: 59 minutes

More bare bottoms in the workplace; “Somewhere in Middle England” the screen graphic advises us, in this inexpensive early Moonglow production, where they moved furniture out of the way, threw up a cloth for a backdrop, found a story to pull down a girl’s knickers, and went to it.

An older guy (‘Uncle’) narrates this “cautionary tale” about two undisciplined girls, “school-leavers” he calls them, who can’t be controlled by his nephew ‘James Harper.’ Fade to:

James greets the girls, smoky blond ‘Susan’ (actress ‘Elena’) and brunette ‘Mary.’ They are late, smoking, and not all that attentive. Susan wears slacks and a top tied to bare her midriff and Mary wears a leopard top. Cleavage from both girls. Both are warned. James advises his uncle of his pending human resources issue and mentions he thought “younger girls were cheaper.” Uncle is insistent: “Spank them!”

The next day the girls are late again, and in Moonglow budget style, in the same clothes! “You haven’t done anything about your clothing.” After a brief explanation about the spanking procedure and the normal perfunctory shock, Susan goes OTK, then Mary. “I haven’t done anything.” They are sent back to work. Susan whispers she liked being spanked.

Uncle Bob explains to James how to spank–firm, hard, jeans down, panties down, implements, and the cane as the “final deterrent,”

“And So the Next Day”: the screen says; the girls are late again and still haven’t changed clothes. Susan will be spanked first, new procedures–OTK, she drops her own jeans, dark panties. Over a chair, for a heavy tawse. Harper pulls her knickers down–“I don’t think  that’s fair, sir.” Leather paddle, Slo-mo repeats.

Mary gets the same steps. Harper fondles and scratches a bit too much for this to be just discipline. She can bend over and touch toes with an athlete’s skill.

“Friday Morning”: The girls have dresses on, but sexy and low-cut. Mary puts salt in Harper’s coffee.

“5 PM”: The canes are laid out for the climax. The girls are offered a choice–rattan on the bare bottom or be fired. Susan makes the right choice and goes over the desk, dress up–naughty, naughty. she didn’t wear panties, hoping for this. About a dozen strokes, sniffles. Harper is busy with his fingers. He makes her lie lengthwise on the desk, Russian style, for 15 more. “I want to go now,” she says. “You’re only halfway through.” She kneels up on the desk, head low, bottom high, one of the great postures, for almost 20 more. Repeats. Strokes on the thighs.

Mary’s turn. Over the desk, she wore a thong today. A dozen, then up on the table. Kneeling on the wood, Harper removes the thong. 15 more. She asks, “A nice rub, Mr. Harper.”

The girls are released. Mary jumps Susan, who caused all this with the salt stunt. Mary gives Susan another dozen with the cane, before they hug. We know the girls loved it all.


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