Booked For Punishment – CONNOISSEURCP

26 Sep

MF/3f; time: 42 minutes

Two blond schoolgirls are jumped by a blond prefect, played by Kirsten Gould–they have been caught with a stolen book from a nearby bookseller. They deny of course, so we have no discomfort about seeing the punishments commence. The girls are carefully costumed, head-to-toe—blouse, jumper, silk sash, necktie, white knee socks, and high-heeled maryjanes. Conventional uneventful schoolgirl stuff follows.

The prefect, actress ¬†identified here as ‘Kirstyn Gold,’ will spank the girls first–we start with actress ‘Monica’ OTK, pants down quickly, she squawks a lot and squirms her experienced bottom. The second blond student, actress ‘Jadie Reece,’ goes over next. The prefect then straps both girls, bare over the table. As many times as Monica has been spanked for the record, she can still make it look like it hurts.

Jumpers off, just long blouses hiding their modesty, more paddling. Jadie has got a few tattoos only her closest friends would know about. “You’d better both come out with the truth or you’re going to be naked.” At this point, a male school staffer breaks in, an Indian-looking fellow we haven’t seen before. Here is a room of two naked bottoms already and a third to be had, as these plots usually evolve.

The teacher jumps Kirstyn first–she had exceeded her authority. Skirt up, white pants, nice little OTK struggle. He then continues with the spanking and paddling of Monica and Jadie–nothing to see here, the best part being high bottoms on long legs.

The teacher proceeds to cane the girls, and not very well, probably the reason we haven’t seen him before. Four sets of six mild taps for Monica, the last six touching toes. Jadie’s segment–6 over a stool. 14 kneeling on chairs back to back, and six touching toes, with a few extra because she loses count in the excitement.

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