More Nasty Nurses – NUWEST

26 Sep

2F/m; time: 28 minutes

Ed Lee bottoms-up for a continuation of ‘Nasty Nurses.’ This time, ‘Vanna,’ is spanking him in a slightly more complex medical setup–your eye catches the enema trolley. Vanna wears a shorty nurse’s outfit, a little more edgy than the girls in the first film.

After a brief handspanking, Lee kneels up on the gurney, getting ready, in the position for the procedure. He is not shy–his balls hang down. Vanna does the rubber gloves routine and inserts the enema nozzle–we are spared any closeups. Then he has to stand and hold, begging.

In a fade, Vanna has stripped down to bra and panties and wears the same strap-on dildo. NuWest;points out in their literature that this story is unlike any medical treatment you have seen. We would add, if this is taught in nursing school, it is not in the operating theater. She prepares him with a lubed dildo and then gives him an entertaining rogeuring.

Another set, another ‘nurse,’ it might be ‘Karen’  again, and we know she knows what to do. She spanks Lee OTK, his open gown makes him virtually naked. Then she delivers the same enema procedure. In a fade, Karen has also stripped to bra and panties, and does the anal dildo and another rogeuring.

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