Spanked Secretaries II-Janet – STRICTLYENGLISH

26 Sep

M/f; year: 2005; time: 41 minutes

Another boss accesses his employees’  bottoms; a well-shopped theme. Boss ‘Guy’  calls ‘Janet’ at home. “We need to talk…about work.” She invites him over and puts on a scandalous little mini-skirt and blouse to receive him. She is a tall, strikingly cute jet black haired brunette; there is no mistaking the mischievous look in her eye.

Guy arrives, carrying a curious large bag, they talk; her work, her attitude have been deteriorating. She admits she has an angle–she has talked to fellow-employee Antonia, who took a spanking from and has a new relationship with Guy. Janet is intrigued and she will confess when the action starts that she seeks the same attention. There are flashbacks to “Spanked Secretaries I,” Antonia’s experience, here and throughout.

So she wants to be spanked? Guy grabs her OTK; she puts up a sweet feminine struggle, but insists the blinds must be drawn and interrupts things to do it. If we were Guy, this would be a good sign. Back OTK, Guy opens the bag and displays a collection of spanking implements. “You’re not going to use one of those on me? Guy appears to carry his tools with him, like a plumber, so as to be prepared for any eventuality.

He begins spanking, raising her skimpy skirt to find white lace panties. They argue but he stays on the job, mindful that Janet put on this enticing ensemble knowing he was coming over (and maybe knowing about his bag of tricks). Panties down, a bottom just as cute as her face. He uses a slipper then a paddle.

Janet kneels on a hassock, lace pants at her knees, bottom in the breeze, getting the attention she sought. Guy is angry and paddles away–was he supposed to tolerate her incompetence to his company just so she could be spanked? As in all good CP films, Janet keeps her high heels in place throughout. Another tool out of the bag, a long thin soft strap–it snaps and crackles.

Guy urges Janet to kneel on the floor and lie over the hassock to continue the strapping. She obligingly cocks her bare bottom to meet the strokes. Then into the diaper position on the hassock–Guy holds Janet’s legs straight up in the air. So much for the pretext of modesty. He is now using an almond-shaped leather paddle which can cover a lot of skin.

She reaches to hand him a tawse. “Are these fingers of truth getting through to you?” He pauses to get a drink. Janet: “Is it OK to freshen up?” In a powder room she puts on another naughty outfit, and when she reappears, he is waiting with the cane,

She is wholly-owned by now. She drops her panties and touches her toes without a word. Eight strokes of the cane. While in this compromising position, she admits Antonia told her “everything,” which leads us to another flashback to part 1, where Antonia is receiving a handspanking, the paddle, a wicked-looking bathbrush, and the cane.

Back to Janet, and a rousing caning sequence, filmed from at least six different angles. Hands-on-knees, legs locked, bottom prominent, over 40 strokes strokes shown, many repeats, very nice work. Unmistakable angry welts halfway along.

Guy: “I’m very impressed,” Janet: “Can I take more than Antonia?” Guy knows the right answer: “Let’s see.” The last cane stroke is very low–she squeals and jumps up. They decide to go to dinner, but Janet asks for “four more strokes,” which are harder than the others.

“Was I as good as Antonia?” “I think so.” And the evening isn’t over. She still has time to prove her mettle.

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