Debra’s Demise – XEROTICS

27 Sep

M/f; time: 35 minutes

More spanking fun for Mr. Peters; Xerotics’ library contains collections from British CP stars; this company must be distributing products out of the vaults of other producers. A British actor, who has had more fun than a guy deserves to have with three girls in ‘Merry Christmas, Mr. Peters.’  has had the responsibility for Debbie, a delightful blonde who has flown to England from the U.S. to be straightened out by him.

It seems Debbie is doing poorly in school and has had some trouble with the police. She is”19 years of age.” Peters (we will call him) will get right to work on her, no jet lag, no excuses. She is sent to her room to change out of a skimpy inappropriate travel dress and returns in a cut-off T-shirt and sweatpants. After some bawling out, Peters simply lowers her sweatpants, and after we have had a moment to take in the sight, takes down her black triangle bikini panties. She gasps only slightly as she presents tawny fuzz, maybe grateful for all this attention.

He turns her carefully so we can see her bottom and some of the nicest gluteal dimples you will see in the industry. It certainly appears Debbie was prepared to lose her pants. The bare bottom spanking starts where she stands. She is going to be spanked, each morning and each evening, and maybe more, until this smirky, slutty, arrogant attitude is gone. Start NOW. OTK, a slow hard handspanking, Peters’ knee spreading her legs.

A breather, she stands facing the wall, then toward us, full frontal. Peters is into torment and humiliation. He pulls up her T-shirt. “no bra.” She kneels on the floor in front of him, recites the Lord’s Prayer (a first for us). Peters prays for us. The cane, resting on the couch in plain view, is next.

Peters stacks up cushion pillows for Debbie to lie over, leaning over onto the couch, very sexy. Top off, the posture pushes her onto tip toes. but first, stop, she climbs off the pillow pile to carefully fold her clothes, a sweet naked interlude. Steady on the cushions. Peters lays on the first 12 strokes, varying the pace to surprise her. Then 8 more as she touches toes. Still not enough, hands-on-couch for 10 more, her little bare feet kicking. Just for dessert, three fast zingers as she stands, hands-on-head.

Peter embraces Debbie and she is sent to bed naked. hen there will be tomorrow and days after that.



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