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Whacked at Work – MOONGLOW

25 Sep

M/2f; time: 59 minutes

More bare bottoms in the workplace; “Somewhere in Middle England” the screen graphic advises us, in this inexpensive early Moonglow production, where they moved furniture out of the way, threw up a cloth for a backdrop, found a story to pull down a girl’s knickers, and went to it.

An older guy (‘Uncle’) narrates this “cautionary tale” about two undisciplined girls, “school-leavers” he calls them, who can’t be controlled by his nephew ‘James Harper.’ Fade to:

James greets the girls, smoky blond ‘Susan’ (actress ‘Elena’) and brunette ‘Mary.’ They are late, smoking, and not all that attentive. Susan wears slacks and a top tied to bare her midriff and Mary wears a leopard top. Cleavage from both girls. Both are warned. James advises his uncle of his pending human resources issue and mentions he thought “younger girls were cheaper.” Uncle is insistent: “Spank them!”

The next day the girls are late again, and in Moonglow budget style, in the same clothes! “You haven’t done anything about your clothing.” After a brief explanation about the spanking procedure and the normal perfunctory shock, Susan goes OTK, then Mary. “I haven’t done anything.” They are sent back to work. Susan whispers she liked being spanked.

Uncle Bob explains to James how to spank–firm, hard, jeans down, panties down, implements, and the cane as the “final deterrent,”

“And So the Next Day”: the screen says; the girls are late again and still haven’t changed clothes. Susan will be spanked first, new procedures–OTK, she drops her own jeans, dark panties. Over a chair, for a heavy tawse. Harper pulls her knickers down–“I don’t think  that’s fair, sir.” Leather paddle, Slo-mo repeats.

Mary gets the same steps. Harper fondles and scratches a bit too much for this to be just discipline. She can bend over and touch toes with an athlete’s skill.

“Friday Morning”: The girls have dresses on, but sexy and low-cut. Mary puts salt in Harper’s coffee.

“5 PM”: The canes are laid out for the climax. The girls are offered a choice–rattan on the bare bottom or be fired. Susan makes the right choice and goes over the desk, dress up–naughty, naughty. she didn’t wear panties, hoping for this. About a dozen strokes, sniffles. Harper is busy with his fingers. He makes her lie lengthwise on the desk, Russian style, for 15 more. “I want to go now,” she says. “You’re only halfway through.” She kneels up on the desk, head low, bottom high, one of the great postures, for almost 20 more. Repeats. Strokes on the thighs.

Mary’s turn. Over the desk, she wore a thong today. A dozen, then up on the table. Kneeling on the wood, Harper removes the thong. 15 more. She asks, “A nice rub, Mr. Harper.”

The girls are released. Mary jumps Susan, who caused all this with the salt stunt. Mary gives Susan another dozen with the cane, before they hug. We know the girls loved it all.


Times Are Get Harder – REDSTRIPE

24 Sep


Twin Towers of Spanking–Miss Brown and Miss Chambers, neither of whom wants to be caught spanking less hard than the other, are in a shabby basement-like recreation room with two “prisoners,” both of whom have been awarded 50 strokes of the strap and 50 with the cane for various misdemeanors. The women are dressed in uniform-like sharp  blouses, neckties, short blue skirts, and high heels. As always when these two actresses perform, you are torn as to who should discipline whom.

The girls are in T-shirts with prisoner numbers and shorts. Miss Brown paces and menaces with her skin-crawling low threatening tones. Prisoner #682, a chunky blonde, is first over the trestle for a cavity check. Nobody snaps on rubber gloves quite like Brown. #679, a very tall dark-skinned girl is checked next–Brown finds some drugs in an intimate place.

#682 is tied to the trestle, wrists and ankles. The fastenings in this film are time-consuming, and such bondage is rare for British films in our recollection. Brown pulls her pants down and Chambers goes to work with a long tawse, only moderate, and the girl’s cries are silly. Lefty Brown takes over and slashes harder. Two tawses at once, good angles–we’d hoped they would do this. #682 is released–slowly.

#679 is fastened next. The women seem to tawse her harder. We go through the same process for blonde #682 all over again–Brown pulls down her pants and Chambers steps into the batting cage with the cane–20 hard, wristy shots counted aloud by the prisoner, white marks on her red bottom. Brown takes over the cane for 10 more, and harder. The two women alternate to whip the final 20 strokes, and each turned on by the other. Rousing. Good bruises and some minor flecks of blood.

Prisoner #682 has been watching. She is tied down–15 from Chambers, 15 from Brown, then 20 in tandem. For good measure, they add 4 very hard strokes as a coda. Brown bawls the girl out for a few minutes while their bottoms ring like bells.


24 Sep

’Caught Red Handed’ (MF/f; time: 20 minutes) Two girls move around the prison setting in civvies. One girl raids the snack bar while the other acts as lookout.

Of course they are caught, by male and female guards. One girl, wearing a slinky yellow knit dress, is spanked on a spanking bench, which just happens to be there. The guards handspank, strap, and then use a lethal huge Spencer paddle. The girl buckles under the smacks. Somehow the second culprit avoids punishment.

I Want to Go Home’ (MF/f; time: 15 minutes) Three girls are being marched along the wonderful tile corridors and put in cells by a stern matron. A male arrives and pulls one girl out of her cell. The matron takes up a spectator position.

The male supervisor will spank the girl in the corridor. Is the matron watching to ensure the male doesn’t take liberties or because she gets a thrill from watching the spanking? The prisoner is spanked in various positions. Paddling. Standing for a cane. The matron reaches to grab her ponytail to hold her still. Tears after she returns to her cell.

‘Lucy’s Day Release’ (F/f; time: 18 minutes) A prisoner, supposed to be cleaning, is caught sleeping. The  matron will spank her by straddling her as she kneels on the floor. Skirt off, black undies.

Various spanking positions. Diaper position, bend-over, legs spread. Mild caning, all rather simple. Back to work, bare bottom.

Double Trouble’ (F/f; time: 15 minutes) Four girls are playing pool in this rec room scene at the reformatory. A matron drags one girl away to a punishment room, where she kneels on a spanking bench. The tawse on white panties and then on the bare. Another matron joins with a cane.

Now It’s Your Turn’ (F/f; time: 17 minutes) A matron takes a pretty blonde to the punishment room. The matron wants her jeans down, but they are so tight only the girl can do it. She kneels on a bench, white panties down. She is spanked naked.

In a new scene, a second matron strings her up naked, with a spreader bar, for a leather paddle.

Request Denied‘ (MF/2f; time: 16 minutes) British spanking;  a nice job of portraying a prison–the walls, bars, institutional feel you can smell. The scene is shot in this narrow space. Two ‘prisoners,’  a blonde and a brunette, complain they want exercise in the sunlight. The male and female guards will see to the ‘exercise’ part, right on the spot.

The female guard cuffs the brunette to bars, the male straps her on the jeans, then lowers them to continue on shiny pink satin panties, before he pulls them down. She is released, buy sasses the guards, so she is strapped again, bare skin.

The blonde is brought in, but punished probably in a sequel. More on this website when we find it.

‘No Shared Showers’ (F/2f; time: 21 minutes) The dour matron finds two girls in the shower room, in just white camisoles and panties. They missed their lock-down in their cells in this relaxed borstal. They are in the process of putting lotion  on each other’s bottom,

Everyone has a a thick  English accent, surely Glasgow.  They matron wears a leather cap, high-0collar blouse, and is always carrying a strap. Girls together in showers is another violation. “I don’t like the look of this, girls.”

First, she wants their panties off and washed in the sink. She will begin the spanking. One girl sits on a padded bench, the other lies across her lap, and the matron reaches down to smack her bare bottom, first by hand and then with a paddle. The girls switch. This is not hard stuff yet, but the film is young.

She will now move to the cane. “Who wants to go first?” The girls take turns kneeling, on the padded bench. They get about 24 each on the bare, hard enough to curtail any chatter and produce some tears. Excellent production values. Facials of both girls, and use of a judiciously placed wall mirror.

‘A Late Arrival’ {F/f) The prison matron catches a girl coming in late and loading up on food she finds lying around, The girl must have privileges. We are in the same tile walled prison set.

The matron gives her a spanking before she is allowed to go to her quarters. Bare bottom paddling, over the back of a cbair. Nothing more.

‘Prison punishment‘ (F/2f; time: 12 minutes) Our title. Two  girls in blue gym uniforms are  being spanked by a matron in one of the tile rooms used throughout this series. One girl is made to hold the other while the paddling goes on. There is some giggling among the actresses. Tbe paddling occurs over a cell bed. The matron shows the girls the Spencer strap. “Remember this one?”

Each girl takes 10 strokes, not the best camera work. One girl is held in the diaper position by the other, so this is not completely institutional punishment. There is some giggling on the set. The girls are sent to their cells without pants.

School Reports #2 – CALSTAR

24 Sep

M/3f; year: 1980’s; time: 18 minutes

Golden oldie bar almost none; a British film-making period when the schoolgirls really looked the part, and the often grizzled male disciplinarians heightened the erotic sense of the ageplay. The spankings weren’t intense, but the acting was such that the pain and humiliation intended seemed real. This is a short one, sexy and simple, no time for background. Uncle George has his two teenage nieces with their panties already half-masted, prepared for the riding crop. His distraught wife Martha looks on–she has failed in her parenting duties and now the girls are going to pay the price, and she herself will face the music later in the evening.

Blond Julia, cute and authentic, gets about 15 strokes, as seen from various angles. She wiggles her bottom and sniffles throughout. Next is ‘Amanda,’ another blonde. She must bend over, and Uncle pulls up her dress and then heropants further down in slow ceremony. Wonderful. Then 15 legitimate strokes. With both girls bent over, bottoms bare, striped, and still ringing, he presents them to Martha, who has been listening to their anguish from the hall (and surely feeling a crinkly feeling on her own bottom for what is to come later). “This is how I  want to see their bottoms.” Martha is sent off to wait.

Martha’s turn–a tall, thin. sophisticated brunette, she has prepared herself–stripped down to fancy bra, panties, garter belt, and stockings–in-the-position, kneeling on their bed, nervously awaiting George, chewing her lip. Maybe she’s done this before? She is sexily distressed by his arrival. He fondles a beautiful bottom just waiting for attention and starts her off with a mild tawsing. The camera angles are from below and wonderful. And she’s a “wailer,” so described and highly praised for that trait in amateur polls we’ve seen. Her panties come down and things get more beautiful and well-lit center-stage;  she kicks and sniffles through the tawse. George gets her bent over a bureau for 6 of the cane. “Stick your bottom right out. Great.” Her misery is delicious and there is no mistaking she knows exactly what to do. They conclude with a sexy hug and fondle. His fingers go between her buttocks–he must be connecting–she gives reflexive don’t-you-dare little jumps. They’re both ready! Who wouldn’t be?

Katie’s Punishment Spanking – NUWEST NWV-243

24 Sep

M/f; year: 1997; time: 28 minutes NWV-243

Actress ‘Katie’  bottoms-up  for the entire film; NuWest made a nunbver of these ‘punishment spanking’  films with their most popular actresses, none more enjoyable than little blonde Katie here. The ritual over-the-knee affair is filmed from several vantage points as Ed Lee did in this era.

Katie wears a black skirt, blouse, and heels. After the first phase of handspanking on  her skirt, she stands, raises her skirt, adjusts her slip, resumes position, and softly asks Ed to spank a little lower, please. Slip up, spanking on a panty girdle. Next, Lee works the tight panty girdle down, “Oh, my God,”  mutters Katie. She kicks and asks Ed to stop and rub her a little; both are out of breath from this spanking. Ed tells her: “We’re almost through, the bare ass part is next.”

Next, he rucks down her panty hose to expose her bare skin. “Is this the last part?” We can’t tell if Katie is suffering or just confused with the stage directions. The first facials of consequence occur here.

This dance is repeated in entirety  from an overhead camera, a rear-view camera, and a full-front view. When Katie gets up, she stumbles a bit, dizzy from having her head so low. Lee hugs her and she flashes us some pussy.


24 Sep

Paddling episodes, RealSpanking style; sexy, normal-looking girls, the models playing parts as girls sentenced to time at the Real Spanking Institute,  take licks from various disciplinarians in formulaic short segments, some  collected from other films. They are volunteers. RSN makes the point that this series is a tribute to the declining practice of corporal punishment in U.S, schools.

‘Anne’ (M/f; year: 2017; time: 11 minutes) A very recent film from RSN, this review in January 2018. Blond pigtailed Anne sits at a school desk, while Michael explains at length this ‘school swats’ episode and the use of a paddle in school history.

Anne stands and drops her jeans to show the results of a recent RSN handspanking. Then she stands, bends over the desk, and receives 10 strokes from a huge thin paddle, so thin that after 5 strokes it cracks and a second model has to be employed.

Anne struggles bravely (we will see tears in the ‘alternate view’ angle.) At one point she claims, “I don’t know if I like this,”  a remark which amuses Michael when he concludes the interview. When she drops her jeans and panties to show the bruises, Masterson is quite satisfied. She autographs the paddle, “8-17-17.’

Bailey’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) By film count, one of RSN’s most popular models. She sits waiting for the session in leopard print top and jeans. She holds a paddle and has asked for this school spanking.

Coach Daniels comes on the set, has her bend over, and proceeds to paddle her on her jeans. She puts up such a fuss we turned the volume down. “Stay in position. I don’t want to injure your tailbone.” At the conclusion, Bailey pulls down her jeans to display unmistakable paddle bruises. She autographs a souvenir paddle.

‘Donna’ (April 2004; 10 minutes): Webmaster Michael Masterson interviews Donna, a tall dark blonde. They discuss  school paddling. We have always enjoyed these scenes where a fully-dressed girl sits facing us, in full discussion full-screen, then gets up and takes a spanking.

Donna stands, and hands-on-chair, takes six strokes on the jeans. She asks Michael to “paddle low,” She drops her jeans and panties to display the results. There is some residual evidence of a strapping she has had in the past.

She sits in a chair, bare bottom, flashing some puss, and autographs the paddle, which turns out to have cracked. Is there a muaseum somewhere which displays these artifacts?

‘Elizabeth Burns’ (M/f; time: 7 minutes) Mistress Dee is thrilled to introduce celebrity ‘Elizabeth Burns,’ who has agreed to make an episode in the ‘School Strokes’  or ‘Swats’ format. She was never caned in school, only paddled, so this caning will be a tribute to the bygone tradition.

“You’ve already been spanked 3 times today.” “Yes, I’m very warmed up.” “I’m going to have you pull down your pants and panties to show us the before-bottom.” She does so, there’s that tramp stamp, a rare bit of puss.

Coach Daniels is called onto the set, eliciting a little smirk from Elizabeth, and then a very intimate little facial greeting to him. He will give her 10 strokes of the cane on her jeans. When she demurs, he offers an alternative of 5 on jeans, 5 on the bare.

She bends over the chair. The first stroke takes her breath away. “That must have been a good one,” observes Daniels. Elizabeth grunts, gasps, and sniffles through the 10.

She sits for the post-interview, wiping tears from her eyes. She shows her bottom, more fully red now, with some cane strokes slightly visible. Those jeans help.

‘Isobel’ (F/f; time: 7 minutes) A graphic explains: “Our tribute to corporal punishment in the U.S.”
Elizabeth Burns explains the proceed to chunky frosted blond Isobel, who seems a little nervous. Burns, looking very hot here herself, gives Isobel the standard paddling on her jeans. Isobel shows mild bruises and signs the paddle.

‘Kathy’ (February 2004; 10 minutes); A nervous and giddy brunette discusses school paddling with Masterson, in the same interview format.

She bends over for her six strokes on her jeans; the spanking is filmed split screen–face and bottom, giving us more of a rise than anticipated. Kathy cries immediately–tears, Pants down–bruises.

‘Amy’ (December 2003; 8 minutes): An RSI staff actress; normal, conventional ponytailed brunette, all the more fun to contemplate getting paddled. After the brief prologue, 3 strokes on her jeans, a painful sit-down, then 3 in the ‘frisk’  position, where Masterson again splits one of his decidedly thin paddles;  grab-ankles for three more, which Amy admits are the worst.

She was spanked earlier in the day. Pants down, bruises, closeups. Long day for Amy.

‘Kim’ (August 2004; 8 minutes): Nervous frosted blonde fidgets during her interview. 10  swats on her jeans; she checks her bottom herself; then pants up, bend-over, another set. She sits gingerly and bravely.

‘Kailee’ (August 2004; 10 minutes): the tall pageboy brunette actress, takes “10 swats.” An RSI regular, she was spanked four days ago and twice more today. We assume, when the girls show up at the studios, RSI pieces together several scenarios at once.

After more paddling and positions, she shows the bare results; a very assured young lady, is Ms. Kailee. She also autographs.

‘Claire; (May 2005; 9 minutes): Dee does the interview, and we know, actually spanks harder than Masterson. 10 strokes on her jeans, she drops her pants to show us. She also has had another studio session today. Split camera views, Clair is the only actress who takes the paddle on bare skin in this film. Angry bruises, unhappy face, some intimate views.

‘Lori’ (August 2003; 7 minutes): Heavyset brunette gets the same treatment, another paddling split, ready for kindling.

‘Michelle’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) A small redhead, with a lot under her blouse, has school swats explained to her by an off-camera Miss Dee. Lower your jeans and panties please..put your elbows on the desk. A faceless and silent ‘Russ’ comes on-set and delivered 10 with a thick wood paddle. After 4 or 5, Michelle is gasping and quivering. She sits for interview–being bare would have worked in school,very cute.

‘Tonya’ (year: 2006; time: 6 minutes) Masterson interviews brunette Tonya, who has volunteered to see what this is like. She holds a cane. Masterson observes that the paddle is the normal symbolic school implement.

“Drop your pants and panties for a ‘before’ look.” Tonya shows her bottom. This is her first day at RSN and she has already been spanked twice, so she is a nice shade of red.

Hands on a chair, Masterson begins caning Tonya on her jeans. After two strokes, she asks to stop. Masterson looks at her bottom again and identifies “tramlines” over the red hue. A side view of this brief caning shows immediate tears.


Nicky Montford-Prison Caning – FIRMHAND

24 Sep

M/f; year: 2003; time: 12 minutes

One of the most fierce canings we can recall; a short four-part sequence from FIRMHAND. CP queen-extraordinaire Nicky Montford, whose eyes look a little glazed in this performance, stands in a simple holding cell. She is brought out and stands in front of the bars.

A faceless male interrogator demands to know the whereabouts of the rest of her confederates. Nicky is not going to squeal, which sets up the scenario we need.

Segment 1: “Drop your jeans. Touch your toes.” She receives six cane strokes, loud and fast, on a bottom only partially covered by her panties. Immediate stripes.

Segment 2: Since she won’t talk, things will escalate. “Touch your toes.” 12 rocking cane strokes in less than 10 seconds. Wheals brighten; she isn’t talking.

Segment 3: Panties down this time; touch-toes; another dozen full-force strokes in maybe 12 seconds.

Segment 4: “Touch your toes”; an  unbelievable 24 more strokes, rapid-fire, the whippy cane leaving a big pattern of wheals wrapped around her right flank.

Segment 5: If you haven’t had enough, she takes FIFTY more strokes; ferocious;  her body quivering and shaking; bloodflecks on her bottom moonscape.

Women Spanking Women 1984 – NUWEST NWV-417

24 Sep

F/f; year: 1984; time: 22 minutes

Three OTK segments for women only; simple, straightforward  presentations of what was probably groundbreaking semi-illicit filming if you were into spanking–women spanking each other, hard, over the lap. Kicking, complaining, arguing, but submissive in the end.

Also another example of producer Ed Lee’s fascination with foundation garments–garters, stockings, panty girdles, pantyhose, etc. We have suggested he was another one of the kids secretly paging through the Sears catalogue. Only rarely did Lee’s models appear in the melodramatic trappings of femme doms—leather straps, spike heels, bizarre makeup, etc. We will review a film or two where these outfits appeared–it can be suggested Lee was spoofing.

Michelle’s Seventh Whipping – NUWEST MM-258/NWV-116

24 Sep

F/f; time: 10 minutes

Two naked, body-oiled lovelies; showgirl types, in a shadowy lit studio. “Michelle’ is strung up, twisting nervously. The second woman whips her with the NW  dogwhip. No dialogue. This film is more of  a straight F/f porno show and does not have any of the ironic mischief of one of Ed Lee’s fantasy fulfillments .Of course, two naked nubile oiled bodies in a whipping scene would suffice for many.

Michelle: “Oh, you bitch. I’ll get you for this.” She doesn’t sound like she means it all that much. Maybe there is a sequel. Finally, sort of ‘finally,’ in that this is a short film, Michelle relents. “All right, all right, I’ll be your bitch.” The domina enjoys a handful of Michelle’s boobs to conclude.

Credit Limit part 1 – STINGINTHETAIL

24 Sep

M/f; year: 2007; time: 23 minutes

Another young lady can’t pay her credit card bills and so will pay some of the balance and debt service the British way. A normal looking brunette, ‘Christina,’ not a polished CP  actress, argues with her aunt. Her ‘uncle,’ the cartoonis’h character we have described before as a cross between a mad scientist, a George Washington portrait, and someone who might live under a bridge, intercedes, scolding Christina and reminding her a spanking was threatened the last time this happened.

Uncle gets his implements and takes her OTK on the couch, skirt up, white panties. She doesn’t react. He removes one of her shoes for some slippering and bunches her panties. Casual conversation ensues as he spanks. She stands to remove her own panties, a nice touch. More OTK for a leather sole. Uncle traps her kicking legs between his, showing us more of Christina.

Christina changes positions and lies over a stack of pillows, bottom soaring, for the cane. About 8 strokes first; Christina arches her bottom on request; auntie holds her wrists.

After this first round, she rises and removes the rest of her clothes. Hands-on-mantelpiece, a colorful ninety-dgree bend, bottom beautifully placed, boobs hang, another half-dozen with the cane, much harder. She is left in this naughty British position to think. That should do it, at least until the bills come next month, which is probably what ‘part one’  refers to.