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Over the Barrel Parts 1 and 2 – NUWEST

31 Oct

2F/5f Serial spankings at NuWest, a format the studio has used from the beginning for a number of female prison/institutional/school stories–which allowed Ed Lee to punish a sequence of his stable of glamorous bottoms. The girls often have to sit or stand, to observe and await their turn.

In part 1, 3 or the five girls brought into the punishment room will be strapped. A lacquered wood beer barrel sits on a little platform in the center of the empty NuWest sound stage. ‘Debra’  and ‘Celia’  are in plausible prison guard uniforms. Five girls, in simple short shifts like long T-shirts, face the wall. This is ‘punishment day,’  another storyline found throughout NuWest, in school and institutional settings, where girls’ offenses are aggregated and settled in a weekly session.

Brunette ‘Amy’ is called from the wall first. “Remove your panties.” She quickly complies and guard Celia straps her in place. The barrel of course presents the bottom dramatically. Imperious captain Debra taunts and scolds and directs Celia to strap Amy in sets of ten until she is satisfied. Four sets of 10, Amy gasping through it. Back to the wall, panties down.

‘Vanna;  is next–young, thin, long hair, setting this film in the very early 1990’s. Vanna drops her own panties, calls Debra a “witch,’ and hurls obscenities. Celia complies when Debra directs, “10 more, a little harder.” 40 in all. Bottom to the wall. Always entertaining to subdue the frisky Vanna.

Brunette’Natalie’ is next; she also does her own knickers. Three sets of 10 from Celia, then Debra finishes her with her own sets. Debra scolds her and tells her she expects “one less bottom over this barrel next week.”  Three bare bottoms at the wall, two to go.

In Part 2, (18 minutes), tall short-haired blond ‘Kelli,’ a little older than the other girls, is snarky and amused by all this silliness. She drops her own panties and gets into position; it is not quite the guillotine, but the submissive resignation has a similar effect.

Three sets of 10 from Celia. Not much effect. “We can stay here all day,”  warns Debra. “I don’t care,” comes from the supine Kelli, so Debra takes over, much harder, for a dozen concluders.

‘Katie’ does the finale–surly and unimpressed, snaps back an adolescent  “….whatever…”  when Debra rattles off her offenses. Katie’s whipping is more dramatic, more posing–naked frontals, facials, different angles, overheads. She is the star of the five girls.

There has been sufficient snickering from the bare-bottom wall-girls that captain Debra is not satisfied. The girls sitck their bottoms out in the frisk position and Debra walks along the line, 10 more for each tush. Till next week, then.

Caught! By Aunt Julia – NUWEST

31 Oct

F/mf; year: 2002; time: 29 minutes Actress ‘Katie’ goes the full-monte;  the closest film we have seen from NU-WEST to a straight porno film. The film opens with a mature Julia Jameson spanking the bejesus out of the bare bottom of a “young man,” who has been fighting in school. Lots of “yes ma’am”  and “no ma’am,” which you would do if Julia were on your tail.

Actress Katie enters the house, wearing a little blue parochial pinafore. She is unfazed by the spanking underway before her, even the bare-bottom boy. Katie is Julia’s niece and will be put in charge of the boy while Julia shops. She has disciplinary authority and the guy probably knows this is going to be trouble. But in this film there will be rewards.

She decides to take him OTK to settle some other score, since she now has command. He has been housecleaning bare-butt since he was released by Julia. After some fun with him, she returns to dawdling, playing with herself. What the heck, she’ll have a go at caning him.

The boy pleads with Katie. “If I don’t cane you, will you do everything I  want without question?” Here, the film changes to straight adult sex. Katie pulls down his shorts and begins an educated blowjob. Partially erect, she lets him kiss her crotch, and we are ready to rock.

She kneels up a chair, presents her bottom to him–school pinafore rucked up for those of us into that little detail–“I think you know what to do if you don’t want to be caned….lick my asshole.” He is fully erect now and you see how he got the part. He fucks her doggie-style, then missionary position on the floor, Katies’s legs spread “V” wide, reaching for the sky. “Can’t you do it any harder…you’re begging for the cane,” she demands. He can do it harder. “Fuck the shit out of me…do it!”

A major portion of the film is taken up with the boy and Katie on the floor in front of a fire, he giving her an oral workout in a variety of positions.

Of course Aunt Julia catches them en flagrante and spanks them both just about as hard as it is possible to do, then they both stand in the corner, the boy naked and Katie in her school uniform, her panties off somewhere in the house.

Caned in Wet Panties #2 – CALSTAR

31 Oct

F/2f; year: 1999; time: 58 minutes

The ‘wet knickers’ wrinkle, used in a standard office spanking scenario, with experienced actresses. The actress ‘Stephanie,’ whose uninhibited stroke production we have come to admire (Lady Vernon, Youth Hostel Capers, others), plays ‘Miss Williams,’ a solicitor/attorney. She employs some effective methods to maintain performance levels in the office.

Blond Miss Perkins (actress ‘Sam Johnson’) has failed to redraft a document and so earns the same punishment that the document describes for Davina, an inheritor in a will. That of course is a “thorough spanking and caning.” Perkins is submissive and strips off her jacket and skirt to show her black bra, garter belt, and stockings, and white panties stretched over the bottom which kept this actress in bookings.

“Miss Williams, is this really necessary?” OTK, a slow steady handspanking. We are in the familiar brick-walled set, so the crack of flesh-on-flesh reverberates. Williams pulls the panties down. “This gives me better access.” Rather understated we thought,   Perkins stands and retrieves a strap from a wall hook, supplying the obligatory frontals for us. She bends over in front of the fireplace, presenting the marquee show of a full, round, perfect bottom. She takes full-swing loud crack with the strap. Stephanie’s snapping surgical precision on full display.

“The last part of your punishment….soak your knickers in the bathroom….put them on…return quickly.” There is a nice bare-bottom sink scene, a highlight in each of the “Wet Panties” episodes we have seen. Perkins pulls on the wet panties with such style you can almost hear the squeaks of wet cloth and the snap of elastic.

Perkins: “Why do you insist on them being wet, Miss Williams?” “Because it hurts so much more.”  Back in front of the fireplace, white pants stuck to her cheeks, 12 hard slow strokes. Actress Johnson is brave. There are sniffles.

“You will take the rest of your punishment without rubbing your bottom…pull your panties down.” Top-flight erotic moment–Perkins’  bottom fully red and almost pulsating on the screen. Knees wide to stretch the pants, she takes five hard ones on the bare, then is sent off to finish the transcript draft.

In a new segment,  Miss Williams confronts her client Davina, a small hostile-looking blonde who does not seem to want the supervision Solicitor Williams must supply. Such an assignment–Davina will receive 10,000 pds per month from her grandmother’s estate, but only if her attorney Miss Williams gives Davina a caning, once a month, FORTY STROKES! What a granddaughter she must have been. She debates, but just for a moment.

The first caning will be right now. Davina has some experience with corporal punishment–she asks to be spanked first–“because it takes the pain away.” Williams is clearly excited by the task–OTK, skirt up, touch toes. eyes throw daggers at Williams.

The caning starts, first a half-dozen on her pants. She is then sent to the office bathroom, she is directed out and down the hall, to “wet your knickers thoroughly.” Back in place, she takes about 15 strokes. The third stroke is off-mark, “That’s too high,” she says, out of character, and they keep on going. Such candid moments are worth the search through hours of CalStar.

As pleasant as is the sound of rattan on soaked cotton has been, Willliams has her pull down her pants, hands flat on a chair. “Arch your back.” Very sexy. About 30 strokes, achieving the required forty, nice angles, repeats, legs open, sweet display, closeups. An erotic caning.

At the conclusion, she gets a few more, very hard, panties back up. She is then sent to a receptionist for her 10,000 pd check and an appointment for next month. An entertaining thought, to contemplate the formatting of these monthly appearances.



Amy’s Aunties – NUWEST NWV-207

31 Oct

3F/f; year: 1993; time: 29 minutes

“Amy’  at Nuwest very early; a studious-looking. prim brunette gets her trim little bottom smacked by a series of ‘aunties,’ standing in for her mother, and trying to get her on the straight and narrow. There are sequels to this story.

Three straight-forward over-the-knee spanking sessions in this sparsely furnished big studio, filmed from all the important angles. Three ‘aunties,’ all intimidating spankers from the NuWest staff, scold Amy, take her OTK, panties come down, for crisp handspankings. The clothing and hairstyles change to reflect passage of time.

In the first segment, Amy wears a plaid school skirt, simple blouse, and knee socks. Satin panties last a moment.

In the second section, Amy has missed curfew. She must be getting used to this, because she lowers her panties without dispute.

Amy is a little more frisky in the last part. She wears boy shorts and blouse. “Take down your shorts and your panties.” Despite precautions, there are traces of pink on her bottom from the last filming.

It’s Not My Fault – REDSTRIPE

30 Oct

M/2f; time: 28 minutes

Teachers AND students spanked! Standard schoolgirl punishments, elegant in detail as always from RedStripe, with the twist here that a teacher gets rolled up in the spanking too. Becky, a cute little blonde, identified elsewhere as ‘Barbie Mel,’ who peaks your interest in the video from the first, and an older brunette teacher are seen drinking in a local pub. Apparently, they got rowdy, the police called the school, and teacher Barry Hutchins has the task of sorting it all out.

He confronts them upon their return, is disgusted by their deportment and dress, and will deal with them in his office tomorrow. Becky flashes her bottom in tight red pants.

The next morning in his office, they report; “I’m going to have to go back to the old routine.” Becky, now in spankable schoolgirl attire, is quickly taken OTK, skirt up, well-fitted white panties. The female teacher observes–she thinks she is in the role of a supervisor. He takes her pants down with care–lots of “Oh, please, sir” stuff from Becky and nice overhead camera work, because Becky has the goods. After a brief handspanking, she is cornered in the official pose; she pulls her panties down to exactly across her thighs, bending her knees theatrically.

The female teacher is beckoned to go OTK. She is shocked and protests, but just for a few seconds. Skirt up, black thong, garter belt, stockings. A slow hard handspanking, and noisy, with kicking and shuffling.

Nearby is a wooden vaulting horse, a coveted piece of furniture for a CP movie. Over Becky goes, and down come the pants again. Lots of emphasis on her pretty face and blond pageboy. The vaulting horse puts the girls’ bottoms at waist height for the spanking teacher. “Oh, please sir, not on my bare bottom.” The soft oval paddle is loud and fun but not very effective. Becky’s little leg kicks, in her maryjanes and knee socks, help though. Teacher is next for the horse. When she gets up, he wants her dress off–once again with a minimum of hesitation, then back over the horse for more paddle. Becky is peeking, chewing her fingers in mock anxiety.

The teacher arranges both girls over the vault and alternates with the paddle–good rear shots and obliques. Back to the wall for the girls–lots of back-and-forth in this film; Becky returns to the vault for a tawse. It is mild stuff, again saved by Becky’s cute squeaks and jumps between strokes. The female teacher get the tawse–also mild. At this point two very pretty blond student creep in to revel in the sight of their teacher, bare bottom on the line.

There follows a brief rubbing session at the wall. Becky is an experienced actress at this; she has spread her legs to pull her dropped panties tight and she pulls her cheeks apart for good closeups.

The male enforcer has picked up his cane and the sexy teacher will bend over first, hands on knees. She counts out 6, then over a stool for 12 more, then a fast 6 “extras.” All mild strokes, but fun, in that the teacher is totally subjugated by her male counterpart.

Sweet Becky follows and grabs her ankles. 12 strokes, a tad harder possibly, and “4 extras,” also increasing in power, as if the actor was testing to see how far he can go. Becky (possibly Barbie Mel) jumps sweetly at the faux swooshes the male teacher mixes in.

At the conclusion of this scene, the two observing students, perfect schoolgirls, return and sort of pose on-set with the cast, make us hope for a grand sequel with all these girls.

The mother and daughter gingerly pull clothes over their sore bottoms. The mother blames the daughter. “It’s all your fault.”  “It’s not my fault.”

Louise Gives (Love Spanking) – NUWEST

30 Oct

F/f; year: 1991; time: 28 minutes

Actress ‘Louise’ in the same motel room as ‘Louise Gets’ (NWV-176), except she has changed her underwear. She meets and will tend to actress ‘Katie’s’  inner being for the entire film. part of a series NuWest called ‘Love Spankings,’ where an actress is spanked and hand-manipulated to orgasm, in a combined process.

Louise wears pink bra and panties. Katie walks on-screen in a transparent white net teddy. NW plays popular music on the soundtrack, like a radio playing in a hotel room to mask the sounds of passion. Louise takes Katie over her lap, where she will stay for almost all of the film, a lengthy depiction of this little actress’s charms.

Louise spanks and caresses, working her hands between Katie’s legs. Louise unsnaps Katie’s teddy for a complete view between her legs. The camera operator, probably Lee himself, must be kneeling on the floor, right in the thick of things.

As Louise spanks and manipulates Katie, she begins to buck her hips more and more, begging “Harder….harder”  to Louise. Long intimate views of all of Katie. She rocks into an orgasm at the conclusion. We loved it all and don’t challenge the authenticity.

More of John and Heather – NUWEST FD-278

29 Oct

F/m; year: 2003; time: 29 minutes

Mother/son or aunt/nephew, female/male action. A film possibly made by others and released by NuWest. ‘Heather’ finds ‘John’ lolling about, doing cocaine. The lighting and the set of the film suggest someone’s apartment.

Heather drags John by the hair. The drugs are flushed. “Get your pants down, now.” She spanks him on his jockeys with a ruler and soon they are down. After a cornering, he gets a taste of the Spencer paddle before Heather goes to work with hopes of improvement by evening.

But the house is a mess, so ‘John’ gets spanked again, and we see he is excited by it.

There follow several female/male scenes, similar amateur staging, different actors.

A blonde in a nightie spanks ‘John’  then “Take my panties off….you know what to do.” She traps his penis between her legs and squeezes gently. “I want you to cum all the way…I’m not going to spank you until you do.” And he does.

A kitchen spanking, some toe sucking, and the cane at the mantelpiece.

Ed Lee Spanks Katie, Marlo, and Shirley – NUWEST

29 Oct

M/3f; year: 1993; Time: 36 minutes

Three girls in another Ed Lee clinic; we’ll watch the three spankings from several angles, and any time Katie has to drop her drawers, we are the winner.

Katie, the blond ever-ingénue, dominant or submissive, here wears jodhpurs and riding habit. Marlo, another blonde, wears a white miniskirt. And Shirley is a brunette in a tiny red skirt. The girls are spanked in sequence: first all three on their clothes, then on panties, and last on the bare. We watch the three-part sequence; first from the rear, then face-on the unhappy girls, and finally a left oblique of the set, bottom closest.

Katie is spanked hard on her slacks for about 1 minute;  when she returns she pulls her slacks down to show schoolgirl-like conservative blue panties for another hard minute; when we rotate to Katie again, she pulls her panties down herself. This is simply one of the sweetest bottoms in the genre, carried only in a way Katie can do it.

Marlo is spanked in the same way. Her panties are of the black lace-trimmed variety. Shirley wears skimpy red pants, somehow increasing your desire to see them come down. She flashes some pubic hair for the face camera. There is a fourth view, from overhead, of the bare-bottom segment only, during which we see the other girls cornered, pants at their knees,. NuWest tweaks every fantasy.

Spanked Lesbians – MOONGLOW

28 Oct

2M/2f; year: 1990’s; time: 51 minutes

Two ageplay guys and two girls; Uncle John, played by the experienced British CP  actor and producer ‘Ivor Gold, has charge of two girls with whom he is having plenty of trouble. He has called his friend ‘Peter’  to assist. Two dirty old men and two young girls–the stage is set. We found this film later on CAVERN.

The plot continuity puzzles and is not worth analysis. John stops off for a walk through a public park–why would he do that when there are bottoms to be tended to is unclear, when he double-takes an unconcerned girl sunbathing nude (of course on her stomach), the only purpose of this scene being to get another naked body into the film, and probably from an actress who wouldn’t agree to be spanked. Have we overdosed on CP films, or is that the actress ‘Alison Payne’ offered her posterior for this cameo?

The film cuts to the two girls during these expository scenes–they are playing naked Lesbian games, lots of pubic hair, and trying some spanking. John arrives and sends the girls to their rooms. They find his jeep keys, and are driving off when Peter, arriving to do his check-up, stops them and marches them inside.

“You’re going to be punished.” John starts on the first girl, a brunette, OTK, a lot of talk-talk, spanked on blue pants. When he tugs them down–“oh, sir.” What would the script show for that line in the year 2013? Peter spanks the other brunette. The men switch (party time!) –Peter uses a small hairbrush on the first brunette, then John uses it on her friend.

After the two developing bottoms are paired up for our inspection, John produces a huge tawse; one brunette kneels on a chair, knees wide, showing some vintage fur, but the tawsing is mild. Peter tawses his girl, some bruises show, but this is mild stuff. Time for the cane.

The girls are alternately caned by Peter and John, in several positions, about 20 strokes each, in sets of six or so, some counted aloud classic CP style. Peter is more severe than John. The girls flash frontal thatches from time to time. The girls are released, probably none the wiser.

Lovers of Discipline – CALSTAR

28 Oct

MF/4f; year: mid-1980’s; time: 49 minutes

Vintage, early CalStar, production references to “Fennington Films” and “SfP.” Previews for ‘Canings and Cold Showers’ and ‘4 PM Detention’ establish the decade for us. Rather long comments we have written here, because of multiple scenes. We find these early, simplistic exercises fascinating.

Familiar uncle/father/schoolmaster disciplinarian, a guy who likes his bottoms, an essential ingredient, plays a father ‘Charles,’ whoe daughter ‘Clarissa’ has been expelled from boarding school. The girl’s stepmother, ‘Kate,’ thinks Clarissa is a tart, that she is a “disgusting little girl,” so we know what she will be waiting for her when she returns home.

Clarissa shows up–the actress ‘Amber Scott,’  of brassy blond hair, deep blue eyes, and bottom to stop traffic. Cousin Chloe has tagged along. Stepmother  Kate takes Clarissa OTK immediately, mini-skirt up, black panties hang on, for a lefthanded handspanking. When Kate tugs down her panties, she dutifully cries out, “That’s disgusting.” and “Oh, you fucking bitch,” and even calls her spectator father a “pervert,” all of which just increases the fun. Cousin Chloe watches anxiously–she must know what we surely know–she too is on the menu.

Charles suggests progress to other “implements.” Over a dressing table, strap on black pants pulled back up, face in the mirror. Actress Amber’s sexy face does well in the mirror when her bottom is being attended to. Pants down. She is sent to clean up.

Chloe is snared and taken OTK by Kate. Panties down. Charles watches salaciously as if it were a cooking demonstration. Excellent low camera angle.

There follows a series of Clarissa soaping nude in a tub, paying particular attention to her pink bottom. These girlie  scenes are found in this era, when we were still limited to peeks of frontal nudity. These tub shots (and Amber) put us in mind of early Jayne Mansfield. And why not, Kate comes in and whacks her wet bottom for some domestic infraction.

Same dynamics–Chloe cools her tush in the shower, not quite Sophie Fennington but we are on board. The cane will be next. Kate flourishes it for Chloe, who kneels on the bed and has her bath towel snatched form her. 15 strokes, glimpses of a full pubic patch, good cute nudie stuff of a girl being punished in her own bedroom. One low stroke makes her collapse for a moment. From nowhere, a third girl appears, ‘Sarah,’ a dark-eyed temptress we’ve seen give it up in other CalStar settings. She has arrived for “one of Kate’s little sessions,” which she claims: “I’ve never done anything like this before.” Handspanking. Charles’ eyes are popping. Panties down.

Sarah kneels on a chair for the leather paddle–Charles bubbles. Top off, skirt off, down to just garters and stockings for the martinet. Kate to Charles: “Do you approve, darling? Like you beat me?”

So this is a spanking ménage-a-trois of sorts. Sarah strips Kate down to the same nothings. Two nudes on the screen. Kate wants the paddle “harder, harder.” Kate canes Sarah over a clothing chest, 12 good ones. They switch–Kate takes her twelve. Sarah does the caning nude herself, full frontal, such scenes are uncommon in this era. The girls alternate caning sets of 6 to a total of 18. Then they paddle  each other, 12 each.

Charles is ready. To Sarah: “And now, darling, if you’ll excuse us, we’re going to retire to the bedroom.”