Joanne’s Pain/Pleasure Trip – NUWEST FCV-071

3 Oct

MF/f; year: 1998; time: 26 minutes

Joanne Jameson gives it all up, and then some! Producer Ed Lee narrates the opening scene, hoping we will enjoy ourselves. Joanne is fastened down, naked but for panties, garter belt, and stockings. She is strapped to yet another bizarre device from NuWest. She kneels on a square table, knees wide and fastened to side posts, head pushed down onto the padded surface, wrists fastened above her head. Her bottom is highest, doggy style, and her crotch is wide open.

Domme ‘Karen Bell’  strides onto the set, wearing a leather mini-dress. She will “assist” Ed. She’ll do the ‘pleasure’ part while Lee supplies the pain.

There is a long silent interlude while Karen strokes Joanne’s satin panties and feels for her pussy. With scissors, Karen slowly cuts away the panties, displaying an intimate wide view of Joanne’s pussy. Ed will begin with his dogwhip, explaining how careful he must be not to strike Joanne’s jewels. The fate of the buttocks is diminished in this posture. Another illustration of how improvisational NuWest can be, Karen stands in the wrong place to watch the whipping and must move.

Joanne arches up in shock as Lee hones in with careful short strokes, followed by a zinger. Between whipping sessions, Karen rubs Joanne’s labia, gradually increasing the intensity and penetration. Lee and Karen are amused at how wet she is getting.

Lee switches to a martinet, a little safer to use, and more accurate, allowing him the slashing flurries he loves. Karen’s sessions are becoming frigs.

Karen strips off her little dress and is wearing just a leather B&D harness, breasts and bottom bare. She has a huge soft dildo, which should certainly do the trick. They are going to slowly bring Joanne to orgasm. Karen works in the dildo, in closeup, while Joanne rolls her hips to assist. She uses her other hand to massage Joanne’s clit. And she knows how to do the in-and-out.

With the dildo in place, Ed gives her an final whipping, then Karen works the dildo and her fingers in a long session which drives Joanne to an orgasm, well-acted if it wasn’t real, and certainly a lot of fun for her in any case.



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