Ingrid Whips David – NUWEST FCV-179

4 Oct

F/m;  year: 1998; time: 28 minutes

Tall Swedish model ‘Ingrid,’ learning the advanced ways at NuWest, no longer portraying herself as a schoolgirl stopping by the studio for a spanking. The redoubtable actor ‘David,’ again totally naked, is strung up in the barren studio. As usual, he seems to begin an erection just by virtue of his predicament.

Pale blond Ingrid, in cream wrap, black top, skirt, and stockings, begins whipping David with the dogwhip. At first she is tentative, awkward, and inaccurate–it appears they did not rehearse this delicate procedure. David’s penis is already visibly jumping.

Ingrid improves and can’t keep a smile off her face. And David likes it, his cock almost vertical. Ingrid drops her wrap, lights a cigarette and blows smoke in David’s face. She talks soft domme phrases as she whips.

She keeps stripping, skirt off, down to black bustier top, garter belt, panties, and stockings. David can’t get any harder. She drops her bustier to show David her breasts. At this point you begin to root for him, hoping he’ll get the relief we all now need.

As Ingrid becomes more confident, she snaps the whip across his cock–imagine the reaction. Panties off, slowly, in front of him. Ingrid: “In exchange for this privilege [watching her panties come down], you’ll give me this,” which is a flurry of more whipping, and harder. She is mostly naked now, and an Amazonian vision as she circles and whips. Not the ‘innocent’ Ingrid persona.

The film concludes with a long penis-whipping session. Maybe it was us, but this film is mostly about Ingrid, with a salute to David’s prowess.

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