Russian Slaves #64- Persecution of the Russian Church 1 – NETTLES

4 Oct

M/2f; time: 58 minutes

Spanking severity and hilarity from Nettles; the Russian translators don’t hesitate to put a politically incorrect subtitle on the film. The NKVD constabulary will use the cane to coerce Russian nuns to give up their suspected subversive network. If a few innocent bottoms get whipped in the process, what is the harm?

The NKVD raids a church; ‘Colonel Andrey,’ the hard-spanking actor spelled here ‘Jerry Geroshvili,’ here in a full uniform not as comical as usual, summons the priest and nuns to headquarters. Among other things, the police want the church jewels. The priest refuses and will be executed tomorrow.

This being Nettles, the nuns will be dealt with in a different way. ‘Sister Alevtina’ will be take first. It is easy to see there is a lot going on under that nun’s habit. When she refuses to locate the jewels and demands no one in the church is a spy, she is ordered to strip.

Robe off, white shift and bloomers off, a little slower. She is naked and an eyeful. Andrey ties her naked to a wooden armchair, like they do in these Russian films, and helps him to handfuls of her boobs. Screams. Closeups between her spread knees. Nasty Andrey rubs vaginal juices in her face.

Then the BDSM classic–they wrestle a WW II gas mask over her face and manipulate the air supply pipe, She struggles appropriately and loses consciousness. She is taken off to a cell to be dealt with tomorrow.

The next day Sister Alevtina is brought back, still naked. Colonel Andrey has his cane. Hands on her head, he canes her in a standing position, not so easy for etiher actor. She jumps around properly but remains within range.

It is a long and typically brutal Russian caning. One always questions the authenticity of the nasty wheals, but given the Russian inability to correct so many other flaws in their films, we doubt their makeup department is that competent. We enjoy the theatre. Sister has to crawl back to her cell.

Sister Arina, another very pretty nun dressed in detail, including a cornette headpiece, in brought in and similarly won’t cooperate. She is ordered to undress to hand over her garments, when the film refers to volume #65.

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