End of Term Report – XEROTICS/SOL

8 Oct

M/f; time: 35 minutes

‘Laura’  gets much more than a normal spanking in this unusual film, whose familiar title should not create confusion with the vintage BLUSHES and ROUE films of similar name. Laura, wearing a white blouse and schoolgirl kilt, faces the male spanker ‘Mr. Peters,’ who won’t show much of his face here. After a long scolding, during which the camera shows the cane lying on chairs, Laura is ordered to stand up on the chair.

This puts her bottom higher and will provide naughty angles from below for the rest of the film. She raises her skirt and removes full white loose fitting panties. Peters orders her to raise her skirt, providing virtual gynecological views. Over a table, full puss, legs wide for the paddle. Laura must know this is much more than a spanking.

Skirt off, back over an antique table for the cane. Blouse off, Laura wears a juvenile’s white bra. More caning over the table, legs about as wide as she can manage. Quivering, zoom shots, amateur-like staging and lighting, very sexy.

She finally loses control and tinkles on the floor and is sent to the corner, before she runs off naked. A  girl would not look forward to this at the end of any term.

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