Tamsin’s Diary – MOONGLOW

8 Oct

2M/f; time: 41 minutes

Spanking excerpts from a schoolgirl’s diary; Tamsin’s first session is 8 strokes of the cane over a padded bench, from the housemaster ‘Mr. Hall,’ delivered in sizzling fashion on tight blue knickers–the marks show quickly on the bare skin around the edges of the panties. The bench is a devilish one-purpose creation, a padded kneeling space, a raised center bar for the girl to lean on, and a padded landing for head and elbows. No faces here or anywhere, just panties and bare bottoms.

In the next diary entry, Hall canes Tamsin  again for sneaking off with a boyfriend. She needed sex, wanted to be “screwed senseless.” Another bottom-only scene –Tasmin raises her school pinafore skirt, drops her panties, and bends double over a low padded stool. Her bottom is clear of any previous sessions.

Next faceless session, pinafore up, Hall does the knickers, lacy bikini style. Nice that this school doesn’t enforce regulation knickers. 8  more crackers. Tasmin’s bottom starting to show results.

In the next ‘Hall’ session, Tamsin’s notations suggest he is getting “rather saucy,” true, true–he gets in some feels and the slightest frig during the spanking.

Diary entry–Tamsin caught smoking and sent to ‘Frobisher,’  caned on her jeans, doubled on the  bare when she won’t give up a confederate. When he pulls down her jeans, “You’re all wet inside!”  Another visit with Frobisher, getting quite sexual now, naked over a school desk, and not just a casual frigging.

Diary: Late for parade, Tamsin reports to Captain Hobbs in her cute little beret and meter maid’s uniform, wringing hands; several scenes, skirt on and off, canings on her knickers and on the bare. The cane leaves white lines on top of the amassed marks of the previous sessions.

The final diary enactment: Tamsin accidently discharged her rifle and gets caned in the orderly room. Very sexy bend-over, probably resulting in more discharges.

An innovative film, no facials; excellent staging, solid punishments. We enjoyed this non-prototype contribution to the CP  genre.

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