Aunt Julia’s Spanky Time – NUWEST NWV-183

9 Oct

F/3f; year: 1991; time: 30 minutes

Favorite NU-WEST girls, very early; Julia Jameson plays a role used in many NU-WEST films and other companies to provide a plot for serial spankings. She interviews girls to work at NU-WEST  studios.

The first girl is a very young, thin, almost skinny ‘Vanna,’  with big hair and a complexion not touched up by cosmetics. If she is 20, we’d be surprised. If she has brought a schoolbook bag, this would have been even sexier.  She is interviewed–the acting is awful, but we have other interests. Julia will give her a “pre-screen test….right now.” She gets a short OTK spanking with a small paddle on her white slacks and does fine. Julia gives her a script to study for later.

The second girl, ‘Sally,’ a brunette, wears a long paisley print dress we would peg to the 1970’s-80’s. “I saw the ad in the paper.” She is paddled on her dress and then white panties and gets her script.

The third applicant we were thrilled to see is ‘Katie,’ in the earliest appearance we can identify so far. Her blond hair is darker and not as flashy as in the coming years. After her interview, she is surprised by the pre-screen test. “Right now?” Yes, dear. Nice innocence. Script to study.

The ‘screen tests’ follow for each girl; Vanna is first, acting out the little girl in appropriate clothes–blouse, skirt, knee socks. OTK, skirt up, flowered panties, handspanking and paddle. When the panties come down, as they must, we see her big blue eyes and hear “Not on my bare bottom!” which some clever screen writer put on paper for her.

Sally is also a ‘little girl,’red dress, knee socks, flowered panties. Julia takes the panties down very slowly when she is ready. Mild paddling.

And Katie! In a Little Orphan Annie dress, flowered panties full-cut. She struggles more during her spanking and covers her face. And when it is time for Julia to see to the panties,  “Oh, no!” Closeups of a red bottom for the ages. Why do we find this so erotic? There are bottoms and bottoms. This is an actress too, by CP  standards.

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