La Fessee – The Intimate Diaries of Mr. Leon

9 Oct

year: 1976; time: 1 hour plus

A playful French celebration of spanking and sex, made 35 year ago at this writing, adult pornography, but the emphasis is on spanking and the glories of the female bottom. Much of the action is overdubbed with narration. The absurd theatre is delivered with tongue-in-cheek and tongues a lot of other places. The sexual vignettes feature the hindquarters view of much of the action.

The ShadowLane founder Eve Howard, in her memoir of the late Ed Lee of NuWest, mentioned this film as having been given to her by him. It fueled her smoldering passion for CP.

Handsome, suave ‘Mr. Leon,’  who is employed as a bank teller, seems to moonlight as a gigolo. We will follow him through a variety of sexcapades, which always include spanking. The film is made in a variety of settings, with a large cast, very much with the feel of conventional cinema.

Leon leaves the bank, does his daily shopping, and strips down to his jockeys for what he thinks is a quiet evening. He receives a client-call. “Tonight?” Spruce up, off on a motorcycle. From the street, we hear the screams of a female being fucked, and Leon drives away.

In another vignette, Leon’s spanking and sex fetishes are seen developing when he is young–he is spanked playfully as an infant and taught some tricks in the bathtub by a maid; he interrupts a blowjob underway in a park, takes his pleasure spanking then fucking the girl. Extreme closeups make it clear this is a porn film, not soft stuff.

Leon’s reputation apparently precedes him. His boss at the bank invites him home for dinner, where he learns of their failed sex lives. He is encouraged to spank the pretty blond wife, who desperately wants action, and does a nice little seduction. Spanking, kicking, gasping; the impotent boss is suddenly rampant and joins in and gets a rousing blowjob, including the money shot. The next day, the boss is a new man. The pleasures of spanking have rejuvenated him.

At his evening shopping for a baguette and milk, the shopkeeper ‘Beugette’ closes up, invites him to the rear of the store, pays him, and seduces him into spanking her bare bottom, followed by an entertaining fucking cowboy-style on his lap. A hard wood folding chair is central to each scene to trigger the OTK portion of the action. Most of the sex scenes feature buttocks front and center. Beugette is going to sponser and launch his career as a “professional spanker.”

Beugette and Leon walk onto a darkened stage, where Leon narrates he will introduce us to the “Marvelous World of Asses.” The lights come up and 20 or so naked girls appear, draped in just gauzy scarves, which don’t hide their buttocks or anything ese. The depiction of a spankers’  fantasy, endless available bottoms. The girls dance around him and the scene fades to a sex scene where five or six girls service him. He fucks each one in turn, doggie-style.

Beugette arranges a connection for Leon. He motors off and is ushered in to see a glamorous redheaded executive ‘Simone,’ Julie Andrews-like, whose attending staff seem to know why he is here. “If you please madame, I  want your ass, and quickly,” he says, a cue she is waiting for. She strips to bra and panties, and after a game-playing struggle, he spanks her over the desk. Soon, ‘Francoise,’  a secretary who has been standing by, joins in, quite naked herself.

This is not just a CP film. Leon fucks Simone while the two girls fondle each other (and another male employee watches in secret). The couple is filmed from under the desk. A salute to the male who did the hard work in this film. At the conclusion, Simon wants to capture him and put him on-staff, but his freedom is what Leon wants.

A ‘colonel’ hires Leon to service his daughter, ‘Marcelle,’ and take a little of the spunk out of her. “Screw you,” says the deceptively sloppy-looking girl, knowing the purpose of his presence. “The day you fuck me you’d better get up early.” Those words probably cause an erection in and of themselves. “You’re going to get a super spanking.” Leon manages to break the 18-year old down, get her naked, have his spanking AND his blowjob–a talented lady, while the father watches.

Another redhead calls on Leon at the bank, they have sex with their glances, and we have an all-in-white dream scene of her being spanked.

His reputation having spread, a mysterious ‘Madame Bovary’ summons him to return to his native village, where he is brought to her at her estate, her husband having just died and been laid out in his coffin in the room. She removes her mourning veil; “Elizabeth!” Leon exclaims, remembering her ass. Soon she is naked, spanking underway, and sex.

Yet another vignette, Leon returns to Paris. At the shop, Beugette has locked their local traffic warden (‘meter maid’) in the basement. For her own pleasure, Beugette pays Leon to spank the girl; a brief struggle in the wine/retail basement. OTK, her fight quickly melts to ecstasy. She strips naked and and he fucks her from the rear, as usual, the scene an artistic attempt at nudity and passion in the gloom of a Parisian cellar.

Leon narrates the final vignette. He calls on yet another redhead in her high-rise aerie; she is waiting, quickly naked, and he pays HER  for spanking him, also quite naked.

The film concludes with a montage of spirited sex scenes of all the characters we’ve seen Leon influence with the joys of spanking.

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