Julia’s Worst Spanking – NUWEST NWV-204

10 Oct

M/f; year: 1993; time: 31 minutes

We revisit and improve our review of this wonderful film. Early in Julia Jameson’s career, she is thin and full of promise (realized over and over in coming films). Ed Lee will give her a domestic spanking.  “Your behavior has been terrible…you know what happens to a wife…and what you’re going to get tonight.”  He sends her upstairs to strip down to spanking clothes and wait in the corner. Tingling, humiliating anticipation of discipline is featured in much of the NU-WEST catalogue.

She waits “two hours” in the corner, in bra, panties, stockings, and shorty robe. Anticipation is described by many spanking models as thrilling.  Ed arrives in pajamas, a terrycloth robe, and the ubiquitous single malt, looking shabby and just off the set of ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.’

The scene is a sparsely fixtured faux  bedroom. Lee will spank Julia in a variety of positions, maybe the “worst” for her as of 1993, certainly a long session. “You need your behind tended to.” She

flashes a little smile as she bends over, most likely at Ed’s acting. Robe up, handspanking on full beige panties.

The spanking segments are separated by corner time. Next, on the bed, bottom elevated by a bolster. Then kneeling on the bed, bottom high, face in the coverlet, very erotic, and Lee likes it. Then the diaper position–Lee reminds her how he tied her into his position on a recent trip. She is to count herself fortunate this time. She is a big girl, even this early. He holds her legs. 

OTK on the bed, Lee himself has had to adjust his robe a few times. Finally, at 24 minutes, she drops her robe and lowers her panties. “This is a spanked bottom!” Lee declares with pride. Her flared, full, and firm buttocks are mottled red, sand-papered. Half-hour bare bottom in the corner, closeups.

When she is called to come out, she flashes a full heavy growth of pubic hair, that one shot common of this era of film. Ed is fussy about her coming out properly and submissively, presenting her bottom. She must say one of Lee’s many ritual liturgies: “I’ve been a bad wife…and I want a good hard spanking.” She seems to collapse after this final episode and run to the corner in tears.

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