Resolved By Corporal Punishment #10 – RAVENHILL

10 Oct

M/f; TIME: 47 minutes

Tears again at Raven Hill Manor; this is the story of the “rampaging roommate.” ‘Melanie’ put her roommate’s possessions on the curb because she wouldn’t move out. Vanessa sues for damages. RHI will settle the claim in return for Melanie’s bottom in front of their cameras.

Melanie, a wide-eyed brunette of conventional non-model appearance, a little older than normal, is interviewed by Richard Lewis. “Have you ever been spanked?” “Of course, hasn’t everyone?” A  rather flip answer we thought, and not one which would garner any sympathy from smarmy Lewis, always eager to get his fingers under elastic. She will get the three phases–OTK, the strap, then the cane.

The OTK spanking starts, the corny quiz show timer is set. Richard does the panties. The moaning is silly. Lewis does not spank hard here. When he displays her buttocks after this segment, the aggregate effect of a slow five-minute session is clear.

Next the strap for five minutes, and over a peculiar bench you’ll get a snicker at if you stop and study. It looks like two end tables fastened to a hump-shaped center section, padded with carpet. It certainly does the job, and no one could confuse its purpose if you saw it sitting in a corner. Melanie crawls up and gets her bottom centered for 5 minutes of the strap.

The caning portion is, as usual, set at 30 strokes, each to be requested by Melanie, to allow her to adjust to this always most severe part. RHI uses a “caning tuffet,” a padded table which requires little Melanie to use a stepping stool to suspend herself across it. She reaches to the floor to steady herself. She screams through the caning, which is surely one of the most colorful and severe we have seen in this series. Lewis lectures at the conclusion, and Tierre Ainese’s exit comments refer to this “incredible trio” of punishments, from a man not easily impressed.

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