The Cane For Emma Hartley – STINGINTHETAIL

11 Oct

M/f; year: 2005; time: 21 minutes

Actress Emma Brown, pale blue-eyed blonde, the love tattoo on her left buttock still surviving after all her performances, plays a naughty schoolgirl who rung the school fire bell for a lark. (“It seemed like a good idea at the time, sir.”) She is perfectly decked out, full-fetish, in blazer, blouse, tie, and pleated skirt.

She reports to a male schoolmaster, who has taken the ‘Mr. Chips’ look one step further–he is in a don’s gown and wears a hairstyle fashionable for signers of the American Declaration of Independence. “Let’s get this farce over with,” he declares.

He takes Emma OTK and pulls up her skirt to discover non-regulation red satin panties. It must be recorded here that actress Ms. Brown wears panties as well as can be done. Hats off to her costumier. The Master bunches her panties as he spanks. “These cheeks are still not as red as these non-regulation panties.” A noble goal, this is. Down with the pants.

Emma kneels up on a wicker chair for a mean-looking leather Ping-Pong shaped paddle. Because she groans when she hears “Twelve,” it will be “twelve on each cheek,” which she counts out, camera alternating from her cute face to an equally attractive twitching tush.

The Master directs her to do some undressing–blazer off, knickers off, skirt off–each carefully folded and stacked. Emma pulls her blouse down to preserve her modesty. It will be the “retail tawse on that little derriere of yours.” Hands on the chair seat, “legs slightly open–we don’t want a peep show.” Nine with the tawse–we get our peep show anyway!

The Master lets Emma rub, which she does as sensually as we can recall. Back up on the chair, carefully positioned leaning over its back, elbows on a low table. 12 more from the tawse, some handspanks, the Master fondles his work.

And last, 6 cane strokes, harder than any of the paddling or strapping, then six more for wearing those red knickers. The film concluded with Emma cornered in the traditional pose.

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