Vanna And Her Friends FD-277 – NUWEST

11 Oct

3F/m; year: 1998; time: 23 minutes

Three NuWest girls gang up on a troublesome neighbor. A rowdy male neighbor trashes the girls’ apartment–the scantily furnished NuWest studio. Vanna catches the guy and must know one of those lights-out choke holds, because she jumps and drops the guy out cold. “We’ll string him up and whip his ass.” That they will.

The next scene opens with the guy naked, fastened by the wrists to a ceiling rope. legs wide with a spreader bar, head fully masked and gagged. We won’t see his face or hear anything but grunts, and in this F/m whipping, the girls won’t show any interest in his private parts, although they glance to see if there is any action.

Vanna will whip him first and circles with the dogwhip. She is accurate and experienced. She and Katie keep up the scolding as the whip falls.

Dissolve to the next scene, and another invention from the NW carpenter’s shop. The guy lies on his back on a half-length low bench, his wrists strapped down beside him, shoulders pinned flat with a strap, knees pulled back and wide with straps, and his feet spread with a bar and pulled high into the diaper position. His jewels don’t make the film but he is in a most entertaining and vulnerable spot.

Katie takes up the whip. “I  couldn’t wait for it to be my turn.” While she whips with an accuracy learned in many films, a third girl (it is Vanna’s cousin ‘Judi’) holds the spreader bar like a trapeze bar, to curtail the guy’s struggling. You’ve got to marvel and wonder at Ed Lee’s inventiveness.

The final scene for the naughty neighbor involves another contraption–a sort of seatless chair from on a wide stabilizing pedestal. The naked, masked, and gagged victim is tied down, ankles to the pedestal frame, bent up and over the chair back, and his wrists stretched and fastened to the seat. Butt high, arched over the frame, very exposed, and he should be careful for his own sake not to thrash too much.

The three girls circle, whip, and scold. When the guy’s day is done, Katie calls the police to come to the house. A naked, whipped guy in a frame. Who will explain what to whom?

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