Problem Girls – BIZARRE

16 Oct

M2F/f; time: 40 minutes

George Harrison Marks creates and directs, ensuring some sharp curves. ‘Jenny,’ a short solid-looking schoolgirl, is brought home from school by a female teacher-governess, to her stepmother—Jenny’s been sketching spanking scenes in class. Jenny is sent off, then the teacher and stepmother embrace–it seems they had a lesbian affair but had gone their separate ways. The teacher has missed her lover-friend, but “Life compensates by working in a girls’ school.” So, the stage is set. We can see Jenny is going to be bottoms-up pretty soon, and maybe other bottoms will be too. These ladies have some catching-up  to do.

They agree to spank Jenny together. That ought to be fun. The stepmother just happens to have a  cane and a genuine longelly tawse left over from a “costume party.” They make Jenny strip  completely, much to her displeasure. She is pinned down on the bed. “This tawse is going to visit your bottom.” She squeals as her little lithe body struggles. How appropriate, a dog barks off-screen, at the sound of the struggle. Typical of GHM, Jenny’s spanking is mild, but cute and revealing.

Jenny is sent off, naked and chastised. The ladies immediately begins with each other’s buttons and zippers. The blond stepmother is wearing the skimpiest thong, certainly not your everyday variety. There follows some ineffectual game-playing on the bed.

Downstairs, ‘Dave,’  Jenny’s father, suddenly comes home. Jenny shows him her spanked bottom, he goes upstairs and catches the two nude ladies en flagrante, and another adventurous scenario presents itself for us. Dave gets the brunette teacher over a chair for a handspanking and tawse. It might have been worse but she convinces him: “Not the cane, Dave, not the cane.” Dave’s nude blond wife is watching, warned she is next. Dave spanks and canes them both. It  mostly silly and non-fulfilling, with much jostling, banter, and vaudeville-like interplay. Soft sex, never getting to hard discipline. This has always been GHM’s method.

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