Phyllis Meets Ed Lee – NUWEST NWV-349

17 Oct

M/f; year: 2001; time: 29 minutes

Another volunteer girl shows up for a spanking at San Marcos; only NuWest would use the name ‘Phyllis’ in an adult film title. She is a normal-looking older brunette from a small town in northern Nevada. Lee interviews her casually;  she seems to be chatting about trifling matters–if you innocently joined the video here, you’d be surprised at what happens later!

Phyllis was spanked in high school and wants a real one. Ed repeats his “break-in” spanking process–OTK on the skirt, some conversation. OTK on the skirt, some conversation, OTK on the panties, more talk, then the bare bottom phase.

He centers his spanking chair on the Oriental rug. The first spanking, about 6 minutes, on her suit skirt, is filmed from facial, rear, and overhead angles.

After another chat, she goes OTK, he raises her skirt, she looks a bit more worried. Six more minutes of spanking on her pantyhose.

After the final interview, he lowers her pantyhose for six minutes of spanking on bare cheeks, only a slim thong protecting.


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