Spanking in Beverly Hills – SHADOWLANE

17 Oct

year: 1991; time: 44 minutes


Adult porn star Tanya Fox;  adult film aficionados know better than us that Tanya Fox moved from hardcore to BDSM in the early 1990’s, where they could feature her voluptuous bottom. This Eve Howard production is a silly affair but for that butt. We’ve seen Ms. Fox give and take playful spankings in several films. Only in a NuWest exercise have we seen her tested, Here we have the pretext of two Beverly Hills boutique girls being disciplined by their boss, who also has a decided interest in the bodies of her employees.

Miss Antone warns then spanks both Avalon and ‘Miss Fox.’ The OTK spanking and some paddling are mild, ineffectual, and mostly boring, except of course for Miss Fox, which is why we bought these seats. She is great with the little dialogue. When she is first told a spanking is in order: “You’ve got to be kidding.” After the second offense: “What did I tell you was going to happen this time?” She remembers (gulp): “Bare bottom.” And it is clear the production crew knew this was the big moment. Tanya’s panties unsnap at the crotch, which Miss Antone deflty solves.

In a later spanking, when Miss Antone has switched to several paddles, Tanya’s on-the-lap unveiling is difficult to overpraise and would be worthy of slow motion replay. That jiggle!

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