Female Submissve Hairbrush Spankings #4 – NUWEST

18 Oct

#4 (MF/f; 24 minutes; 4 segments):

‘Katie’ sits with Ed Lee, desperately trying to justify why she is late, knowing what is likely to be coming for her. The scene is the NW condo-townhouse. Katie admits she was wrong and consents to Ed’s inevitable hairbrush spanking. After a brief whacking, filmed in shadow face-on to Katie, she oblingingly raises her hips and helps Ed down with her jeans. Flowered panties. Lee breathes hard–he was getting a bit feeble for these hard spankings.

“Let’s get these panties down and be done with it.” He makes her agree she deserves “a bare bottom hairbrush spanking.” Panties down–we don’t have the angle, but NW seemed to discover that and repeats the sequence to put us in the front row.

A solid blonde in white bra and satin panties tidies her room, then dresses in shorts and T-shirt. ‘Vanna’  bursts in and grabs her OTK; “No, Mom. please.” We hope Vanna took no exception to playing the parental role–she casts as about the same age and just as spankable as the blonde. Hard hairbrush. “Get the shorts down, now.” She cries and rubs on the bed at the end, keeping her pants on this time.

‘Katie,’ distinguishable by her little cries, in a brunette wig, no facials, OTK  for the hairbrush from Lee. He gets her jams and pantyhose down for the bare facts.

A short segment–a powerful female-hard bottom, strong thighs, gets the hairbrush from Lee. She’s been oiled shiny and wears ankle cuffs. A struggler–“Get your ass up here where I  can get at it.”


We have reviewed this video before, but we let this one stand. Our observations change.

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