Louise Gets – NUWEST NWV-176

18 Oct

M/f; year: 1999; time: 29 minutes

A ‘Love Spanking,’ probably made in 1991, despite this published release date. In this series, producer Ed Lee takes his candidate over his knee, spanks her, and spends a major part of the video in the hunt-for-the -olive exercise. Some of the films end with the young lady flipping over for a fucking, doggy-style or otherwise, sometimes mostly simulated. The film ‘Louise Gives,’ sequentially numbered in the NW catalogue, finds the same actress on the dominant side with actress Katie.

‘Louise,’ a conventional (we mean non Las Vegas) looking brunette packed into a two-piece body stocking and nothing else, enter a motel-like bedroom scene, the room sleazy enough in appearanceĀ to greatly enhance the illicit erotic mood. Lee greets her, bouncing expectantly on the edge of the bed, in his white terrycloth robe. He mutters his approval at her nubile looks, especially given what she is here for.

He can’t wait to peek under the tight bottom of her lace body suit, and he gasps in pleasure when he exposes her buttocks. After a quick fondle of her bottom and pussy, his sneak-peak is over and she goes OTK.

A slow and moderate handspanking begins; he now rucks the body stocking up for good and begins the long process of spanking and exploratory frigging, which takes up most of the film.

Louise gradually increases the gyration of her hips as the sensations increase. Inserted facials of her in the throes of ecstasy are a bit corny, but she is really into it, her hips thrust up in Lee’s lap.

At the conclusion, Lee opens his robe, Louise scrambles eagerly in the doggy position, thrusts up her bare tush, and Lee sets to vigorously humping her, although we don’t see any of the important stuff.

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