Strict Uncle – CALSTAR

18 Oct

M/f; time: 26 minutes

Vintage stuff, innocent bottoms vs. smarmy uncles; brunette ‘Lucy’  lazily awakes, gives us a brief nudie scene as she takes off what remains of her clothes, to take a bath, then dresses as a schoolgirl, including a straw boater, to light-hearted music as a soundtrack.

Lucy reports to her ‘uncle,’ an inveterate actor from vintage years, and an indefatigable pygophilist we have gleefully praised elsewhere. Uncle has been designated to act “in loco parentis” for Lucy. She needs punishment. “It will be tonight….a damn good spanking.”

Another nude bathtub scene; can’t be too clean, we guess, if you’re taking your clothes off for your spanking uncle.

FADE to the evening–Lucy is OTK, black panties exposed. The uncle quickly takes them down and barks loud commands, as he does in all his films. As he spanks, he works the knickers lower and lower, smacking her thighs, holding her wrists. Uncle pauses to admire his work so far–“Lovely red marks, very attractive.” He fondles and works at speading her thighs. “Get those legs apart!” Lucy knows what is going on. “You’re a pervert.”

Undaunted, Uncle runs his hands up Lucy’s inner thighs then reaches for the tawse.

In another scene cut, she must now take all her clothes off–good idea that bath turned out to be. She is soon quite naked, displaying a lusty pubic patch. Just knees socks and shoes. He looks her over while puffing his pipe. This actor always pauses to contemplate his naked victim before he proceeds.

Lucy is induced to bend over the front of a couch, hands and head on its headrest, knees locked, bottom high and inviting. The tawsing is fairly hard; more slow fondling.

At the conclusion, Uncle squats on his knees to admire her lower body; he takes handfuls of her breasts as he scolds.


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