Motel Discipline Penelope – NUWEST NWV-182

21 Oct

M/f; year: 1992; time: 28 minutes

Motel spankings! NUWEST plays out this fetish fantasy suggested in many films. Ed Lee drives actress ‘Penelope’ to a classic motel, the action filmed amateur-style from the back seat of a little car they use. Fats Domino plays on the radio, Penelope does a good job of looking not-completely-overjoyed-about-this when they arrive.

A cheap motel room is used; the chained door and house rules visible. Film lights have been set up; Lee takes a seat and faces us documentary-style. Young, long-haired brunette Penelope is dressed conventionally, as NUWEST does, in white jacket, black top, white skirt, and heels. No silly porn satin here.

Penny is directed to display herself. She raises her skirt and slip to twirl and display panties and garters. Lee slows down her twirling to derive full effect. First he has her bend forward and spank herself with an 18″ strap. Very amateur, harsh lighting, poor angles, weak sound, either intentionally awkward to depict a motel session or this is the way it was at NUWEST in 1992. But the effect is powerfully erotic, home-movie. Penny is quite a capture, and we feel privy to a little after-party tete-a-tete, filmed with someone’s Sears camera.

He takes over with the strap. Her cries are exaggerated, but entertaining. She removes her skirt and bends for the strap.

A scene jump–what happened? We were doing so well! Her top and skirt are gone–down to bra, panties, garter belt. OTK, more strap. She stands, drops her full white silk panties, hands-on-head, and twirls slowly. One of the thickest and furriest pubic bushes, a veritable garden, we’ve seen in the 90’s, and she communicates how proud she is of her bottom.

OTK bare-bottom, more strap, Lee asks her to let her hair down, and it reaches halfway down her back. He wants her to ask to be spanked and ask for breaks. Bra off, now naked, the best of twirls. OTK again, he traps her legs with his. She runs in place while he spanks. Terrific. The French site SPANKINGANDSHAME would never do it better a few years later.

To the king size motel bed, she lies full length, her bottom soaring on pillows in the bright lights, a position NUWEST always excelled in. Strapping–20 strokes with ‘thank you’s.’ Reverse position–20 more. After a fade, Penelope is still on the bed. Lee uses a short whip. Next, Penelope kneels up on the bed, hugging bunched pillows, very erotic. The whip catches thighs here.

And last, the diaper position  for the whip, intensified by the foliage between her legs. She hold her legs herself. “Don’t slow down, don’t slow down!” Penny gasps. Lee responds with his flurry-style. A slow rub and a big smile from Lee to conclude. “The night is young,” he says.


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