Open Those Legs – NUWEST NWV-311

22 Oct

M/f; year: 1999; time: 30 minutes

More back-stage punishments at NU-WEST. ‘Katie’ and ‘Vanna’ make a film about making a film; Katie arrives at the NU-WEST studio in street clothes, rather charming she is, as always. She is greeted by Vanna, who is in her official mode.  Either it was a long drive or Katie is nervous, because she goes right to the bathroom, and we follow her right in with the camera and watch her tinkle.

To the costume room, Katie strips naked and Vanna assists her in putting on white undergarment fetish spanking duds, snaps and straps and elastic stuff, laced-shoe heels. Makeup fix, and her blond hair longer here.

Onto stage to meet a pacing Ed Lee. He likes what he sees and he should. “You little slut. You’re in for it today.” Faux hostility and tension are part of the show. He twirls and examines her as if she were a rare coin. He teaches her how to scurry to the corner by smacking her bottom.

He takes her OTK. “I’m going to play with you while I spank.” He coaxes her thighs apart and probes the gusset of her white satin thong. “This is how we take care of bad girls.”

Katie stands spread-legged on the shadow box which contains what we have called the pussy-CAM, Lee massages. Closeups. He cuts the satin thong with scissors. Intimate closeups. Katie remains stoically silent.

Back OTK, the spanking continues; Lee keeps discussing with the camera what he is doing. Garters unsnapped, girdle rucked up, bare bottom. We fingers in her pussy. If this is what happens to bad girls, there should be a line out in the reception room.

Back onto the camera box, he frigs hard, bra off, breast fondle, back OTK almost naked now. She gets one of Lee’s hard closing flurries, they hug, she apologizes .

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