Kelly Morgan -Naval Cadet – FIRMHAND

23 Oct

A 2013 release series from FIRMHAND, and quite entertaining for those of us who like the British uniform fetish.

‘A’ (9 minutes): Cunning blond ‘Kelly Morgan’ plays a naval cadet, wearing a full uniform, what looks to us like American Lieutenant JG stripes. Ms. Morgan has to bend over a chair, raise her skirt, and pull her own panties down on order. “Pull my panties down, sir?” Full white panties, no stockings. Goodness, whatever is the offense she committed? The little smirk which appeared on her face when the spanking was announced has evaporated.

A long, mild handspanking, enhanced by facials from this actress, and for us, fetishized significantly by the appearance of a quite legitimate uniform, including the officer’s cap. We’ve seen a few young female officers who might benefit from a sharp spanking.

Let’s hope, though, that only cadets have to drop their panties.

‘B’ (8 minutes): Ms. Morgan reports to ‘Captain Frank Reed.’ She sits in a straight chair outside his office, in full uniform as always. We live this scene of a pert and anxious little bottom waiting for an authority figure, seated formally on an antique chair. Our favorite depictions are at ‘RealSpankings,’ where the girls have been required to strip naked and wait. Imagine this chair in the hall, with passersby. And ‘Lupus/RidgidEast,’ the fidgeting girl can hear anguished cries from inside.

Kelly is called in and admonished. This actress always seems to struggle to fight back a chortle or smile. She is delightfully beautiful, petite, blue/green eyes, freckles, permitting frequent facial closeups. Without dispute, she bends over a desk and bares her bottom herself, full white satin panties down to her thighs. The captain uses a small double-tongued leather strap, moderate but persistent. “It  sitngs, sir,” and of course she is told that is the intent. Her bottom has a rosy hue from a previous visit.

Hands-on-head, zoom on buttocks to close.

‘C’ (9 minutes): Captain Reed confronts Cadet Morgan again. She’s been putting other cadets onto her own duties. Like everything else here, this will cost her her knickers and a spanking,

Kelly is used to the procedures by now; she bends over a chair, raises her skirt, then lowers her white panties herself, very slowly, having figured out by now that the captain is getting a charge out of this.

The captain uses a thick tawse on bare skin. As in the other episodes, trim little Ms. Morgan is sufficiently photogenic to encourage all sorts of facials. At the conclusion of this episode, she addresses the camera: “That strap really hurt.” This segment also contains out-takes where Reed flubs his lines. Blown dialogue in a CP film can cost an actress extra strokes.

‘D’ (12 minutes): The format is finally varied, which we have been waiting for. Drugs have been found in the cadets’ quarters, requiring more intimate discussion.

Captain Reed: “Strip!” Ms. Morgan plays stunned very nicely. “Get naked?” She undresses very slowly, and characteristic of so many British spanking models, she struggles with her blouse buttons. We have noticed her chest pressing against her tunic; now we see why. She reluctantly drops her bra;  a note we read describes her 34C boobs, which she shyly covers for a brief moment.

The film is poorly edited, so we miss that most important moment of her panties being removed. She comments sarcastically: “Is this all you wanted, to get me naked?” Reed grabs her OTK for a nice little spanking and struggle.

He takes her to the hallway and places her there, naked, nose to the wall, hands-on-head. “The hallway….they’re going to see me!”

Slow-motion repeats, then some narration from Kelly to us. “Hope you enjoyed it” (taking her clothes off). Then the camera follows her buttocks down the hall.

‘E’ (7 minutes): Morgan is back on the carpet, for insubordination and flirtation. Her glance picks up the paddle on the desk. She raises her skirt and bends over a chair.

The captain uses a long, thin but wide wood paddle, one which can catch both cheeks. Morgan herself will count the strokes and begins to cry at about 3. Is there crying in the Navy?

More tears a 6, she asks for a break; this is the most severe punishment so far in the series, and Ms, Morgan convinces us she is just on the edge of not being able to tolerate it.

“Panties down, get back over.” Six more; bruises;  she needs frequent breaks. The twelve strokes are repeated with a face-CAM;  tears, her makeup runs, she struggles to find the facial gesture which best depicts her predicament, a need to be brave and yet in agony. Camera hold on a bruised bottom at the conclusion.

‘F’ (11 minutes): ‘Mr. Anderson’ has the disciplinary chores this time. Either the supervisors are being worn out by Cadet Morgan or they are having so much fun with her they rotate the pleasure. Ms. Morgan has gone on parade in the wrong uniform. Anderson confronts her in a large, sumptuously furnished office.

She is directed to bend over, hands-on-knees. She raises her own skirt to display conservative full white panties. If you’re going to be sent to the office frequently to be spanked, without warning, you’d better mind your underwear choice when you dress in the morning.

“Stand up and remove your underwear.” “What?’ You want to spank my bare bottom, sir?” This from a cadet who has been here before. It is a solid and long, standing spanking, sometimes rocking her out of position.

‘G’ (8 minutes) Cadet Morgan is summoned to commander Anderson’s exclusive and fancy quarters. She has ‘slept in’ and missed parade. The commander asks her to recall the corporal punishment she received the last time this happened, and she remembers it was promised to be worse the next time.

Blond actress ‘Kelly Morgan’ wears the same perfect little WREN uniform and can’t quite control a little smile on her face. Hands on the mantel, she raises her skirt to display skimpy little purple knickers, which she lowers. The commander makes her wait a bit, bare bottom decorating his office.

He uses the tawse, moderate strokes still elicit sniffles part way through. “Straighten your back.” After the strapping: “Hold position. I  want you to think about missing parade.”  Imagine timing your visit to stop by the commander’s office and there she is at the mantel.

‘H’ (12 minutes) Cadet Morgan in trouble again. She borrowed a government jeep and can’t keep that little smirk off her face as Anderson scolds her–we’re convinced it because of the dialogue. Blazer off, skirt off, she is wearing line-green boyshorts, and there are no comments here about whether they are regulation. Kelly bends over a table and manages to keep her cap in place.

Anderson starts with a cane on those panties–about a dozen, no damage done. “Stand up and remove your underwear.” There’s that trim little bottom which has attracted us to this series. Six more on the bare. A “reaction-CAM” replay concentrates on her face during the caning.

Bottom closeup confirms this caning had results. A long hold on her face and then her bottom to conclude.

‘J’ (8 minutes) In the finale, Cadet Morgan elects to swim nude in the pool; great nudie scenes in the water. We get our time with those boobs, which have been tantalizing us for eight segments.

Of course officer Richard Anderson catches her and scolds. Impish surprise from the cadet. Great nude shots of Ms. Morgan’s pale bottom under water. She climbs out, covers herself, bends over at the edge of the pool, and is handspanked by Anderson. She falls in and climbs out several times, providing lots of glimpses of all we have been waiting to see of Ms. Morgan.

At the conclusion, she walks off naked with a towel, keeping her back and round pink bottom exposed for us.

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