Punished Wife Part 1 – CALSTAR

23 Oct

M/f; time: 50 minutes

Vintage British spanking; when his wife tries to make her own spanking video and her husband discovers it, “You’re going to see just retribution,” and we have another plot for a spanking movie about the making of a spanking movie. The actors are older, familiar CalStar people, plausible as a couple, and the film has an old-fashioned, naughty voyeur feel of a pair playng out a practiced sexual game.

The husband wakes his wife, having brought his own cameraman with him. “This will be a good pictorial history.” He sends her to the tub, unhappy with the makeup left over from her own filming. Nude tub scene, thick pubic patch. He helps wash her back with a heavy bath brush—she should watch out wherehe takes that  brush.

To the bedroom in just a towel, he spanks her with a hairbrush. “Enough!” “You must be joking.” He pinches her nipples and wants her downstairs “in the lounge” in five minutes. She comes down in a pink dress.  “Don’t worry about the cameras. This is going to be a permanent record.”

Skirt off, over the back of a chair, “the usual position,” for “our friendly little mate,” a ruler. Panties down, then she hands them over. “You won’t be wearing pants for the rest of the day.” More of the ruler and getting nasty. Nipple tweak–this actor likes doing this.

In the kitchen she cleans, her husband shows her the spatula. “No, I don’t want any more.” After a spanking on her naughty panties (she must actually be loving all this, despite the cameraman in her kitchen), “Here comes the finale now, for the record.”

“Take your top off…face the camera…your skirt off…bottom to the camera..take your suspenders and stockings off.” Naked. He grabs another nipple tweak in the process.

“Remember PT at school?……touch your toes.”

He has her lie flat on an oval table, for display purposes. Zoom in on her pussy. “Let’s have your nipples standing out.” He taps and pokes at her with a ruler.

“Keep still…even our grandchildren might be able to see this.” Onto her stomach, he teases crevices with a ruler. She heads him removing his belt. “You’ve had it before, haven’t you?” “….yes…” It must happen in part 2.

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