Secretary – NuWest Version – NUWEST

23 Oct

M/2f; year: 2003; time: 24 minutes

Ed Lee’s version of the 2002 James Spader-Maggie Gyllenhaal film, where a slightly disturbed secretary and a strange lawyer play a BDSM relationship in a mass-media movie. The CP film industry had a lot of fun with this Hollywood product, not being barred by the propriety of wide distribution or censorship,

Secretary Katie is bent over a desk, reading aloud from her poorly prepared work while ‘attorney’ Ed Lee spanks her on her skirt, very slowly and very hard. In the year 2003, both actors have been doing this spanking filming for 20 years or so.

“Lift your skirt.” Katie displays pantyhose and white panties. After more spanking, she removes these undergarments to bare her bottom, doing a nice job of submissive resignation.

NuWest added a second  ‘Secretary’ scene, here with actress Jodie Cline. She too is over the desk, reading aloud from her sloppy work, while Lee spanks her, and Jodie eventually bares her bottom.

We were a little disappointed Lee did not logically extend the severity of the storyline and these punishments to insert the particular viewpoint NuWest would bring, like a trip to the file room, the boiler room, or the parking garage.

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