Debra’s Catering Service – NUWEST NWV-323

24 Oct

3F/3f; time: 26 minutes

Powerful ‘Debra’  does her thing. She runs a catering service and enlists ‘Katie’  and ‘Amy’s’  fledgling company to assist in a big job.

A scene opens with Katie and Amy, in little black dresses, arranging a sparse food display on a simple table in a blank setting.  We’ll forgive NuWest not having the budget of ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding,’ but they do have the human assets. Debra stands over them, glamorous in a white dress, although intimidating. The girls can’t take the nagging and quit the job.

Debra begs them to stay, and then in a plot twist which snookered us, the girls suggest to Debra, “YOU need a spanking.” Debra accepts if the girls agree to stay on. OTK, panties down, there is that solid world-class athletic bottom which a football team could not subdue. The girls found a paddle somewhere among the catering equipment. Loud, ringing, realistic paddling, by both girls.

After the catering job, the girls collapse on a couch. Those watercress sandwiches did not look taxing to us, but we’re here only as an observer. Debra offers them a partnership, but of course, now THEY must accept a spanking. “For an opportunity like this, any day!”

Brunette helmet-haired NW  staffer Amy is first, jeans and purple panties down, and hard wristy full-screen spanking from the experienced and unsympathetic Debra.

Katie next–the camera holds on her white satin panties as she discusses the terms of the partnership  and we have time to take in one of the favorite views at NuWest. Hard spanking. Debra likes to lower knickers with her special style. Amy is amused.

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