Riding the Horse – NUWEST

24 Oct

time: 29 minutes; 5 segments

Sessions with various whippings horses:

#1: (12 minutes) A blonde is stretched across a ‘horse,’ naked but for heels, filmed in the NuWest townhouse set. A busty, fully-dressed ‘Vanna’ does the whipping. The device is a tilted, padded sawhorse. The blonde, is it ‘Sandra’? is not fastened down. Vanna circles and scolds, stopping for fearsome flurries on the raised bottom. We’d like to think Ed Lee has to film Vanna as a submissive every once in a while just to keep her in line.

#2: (7 minutes) Looks like ‘Katie’ on a similar padded, tilted horse, the surface wider here, like an ironing board, ankles fastened, and the thighs are spread. Ed Lee does the whipping and can’t resist some frigging, because the board invites you to the thighs. He whips vertically from her head, causing yelps when he lands between her legs. She seems to orgasm.

#3: (2 minutes) In the studio, Lee whips a brunette on the same board as above. Several whips, facials, tears.

#4: (5 minutes) On Lee’s patio/cabana, the tilted horse, a naked blonde. Her wrists and ankles are fastened to the legs. She remains silent through her session.

#5: (4¬†minutes) Katie again, naked but for stockings and boots. Under Lee’s watchful eye, in a seated position, she slowly skewers herself full-screen on a dildo which has been fastened to the spanking horse. She rides up and down, fucking herself, while Lee slashes her bottom with his whip.

Lee and Katie manage to carry on a fairly normal conversation during what amounts to a sensory overload for us. Full-screen frontals of Katie to conclude.


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