A Fixation With Pain CALSTAR

25 Oct

M/f; year: 1988; time: 18 minutes

CalStar oldie; with Tallion and Vexifilm credits. Actor ‘Michael Dawes’  in his young, thin years, around the time of the classic ‘Lisa Must Be Caned,’ as far as we can determine. He plays a therapist, in his white smock, “counseling”  a girl lying on a bed, blindfolded. She has a fixation with pain. In flashbacks, we see her being tattooed then spanked by the actor ‘John North.’ Well, one good thing we know,  Michael is the right guy to talk about pain fixation. He will have many suggestions to choose from.

North, who remains mostly a disembodied voice in a flashback in the style of adult films in this era, will give her a taste  the strap, crop, and cane. She takes provocative positions on the bed as her clothes come off, including kneeling up at the headboard–her bottom swells, she is turned on by all this. The spankings bruise her bottom more than was common in this era.

At one point she is handcuffed and her feet tied for a thorough spanking. “Painful enough for you?” “Lovely.”

“It is time for the cane.” She kneels up against the wall at the head of the bed, a posture we’ve found erotic in other films. A dozen hard cane strokes, instant marks. She is loving this.

In a return to the tattooing process, the artist (North) begins to work on her bottom with a battery-operated machine. She wiggles as he etches.

A  return to the therapy session. Michael, after he has heard this description: “Perhaps I had better examine you. Turn over.” He sees her banged-up bottom and gives her a prolonged  hand-lotion job, slapping her buttocks for the fun of it. We guess this is therapy, but we didn’t see any certificates on the walls.

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